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In the Holy city of Prayag flows the famous and sacred Triveni Sangam or the “confluence” of three rivers. The three celestial rivers meeting in the Triveni Sangam at Allahabad are the Yamuna river , the mystical river of Saraswati believed by devotees to possess an underwater presence, and the holy river Ganga or the Ganges River. The Ganges goes on to merge with the Bay of Bengal. In Hindu sacred texts, it is said that the Lord Brahma performed the Prakrista Yajna or devotional sacrifice at this confluence of rivers when he was in exile, thus making Prayag the king among holy places.

The immersion of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes at this sacred site was performed in 1948. A bath at this point of confluence cleanses away sins which liberates one from the rebirth cycle. Asthi Visarjan at Triveni Sangam has been a popular choice among Indian families wanting to give their dearly departed loved ones a proper Hindu last rite farewell.

The place has a divine and spiritual aura. The place is also famous for historic Kumbh mela which held after every 12 years and at that time crores of Hindus from different corners of the world come here to take holy dip in the sangam.  At the time of Kumbh mela Allahabad becomes the most populous city of world.

The sanctity of the Allahabad sangam makes it an ideal place to offer the prayers for the departed .

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