Effect Of Manglik Dosha In Marriage

Effect Of Manglik Dosha In Marriage! Astrological Remedies Can Help You Remove The Dosha!

Manglik Dosha in marriage, more commonly known as Mangala Dosha, is an astrological belief among the Hindus. According to Astrology for marriage, it is the most well-known Dosha, affecting both men and women. A Manglik refers to the person born under the planet Mars (referred to as Mangal in Vedic Astrology).

A Manglik is more likely to suffer from misfortune and detained marriage. They are highly unlikely to have a steady wedding because of their unreliable, violent and argumentative nature. According to Astrologers, Mars is the most hostile planet, and therefore, its nature is contemplated as Manglik.

Causes Of Manglik / Mangal Dosha: How Does It happen:

This Dosha mainly occurs when Mars is present in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses of the person’s horoscope. Mars can also become malicious if placed with other inauspicious and ill-omened planets. As Mars is a raging planet that symbolizes egotism, unpredictable rage, and arrogance, all these traits are inherited by a Manglik. If Mars becomes the ruling planet in Manglik’s horoscope, they will be more likely to be selfish and ill-tempered. Due to this reason, the Manglik will find it very difficult to comprise with his/her non-Manglik partner, leading to unstable relationships.

Effect Of Manglik Dosha In Marriage:

There are diverse effects on this Dosha based on the various placement of Mars in other houses. So, check for Manglik Dosha here.

  1. When Mars Is Located In The First House:

According to Astrology for marriage, the first house is known to be the “House Of Spouse.” Thus, when a non-Manglik gets married to a Manglik, useless disputes are likely to arise. Sometimes, this may also lead to physical assault and violence. This will gradually lead to unnecessary tension and distress, proving to be a barrier in their marriage.

  1. When Mars Is Located In The Second House:

When Mars is mighty in the second house, more conflicts will grow steadily. This will lead to damage in the person’s married as well as professional life. The lives of their family are also adversely affected.

  1. When Mars Is Located In The Fourth House:

When Mars is active and hostile in the fourth house, difficulties are likely to arise professionally. These issues will gradually leave the person discontented with his professional work, causing him to switch jobs repeatedly. Such a situation will automatically result in money troubles.

  1. When Mars Is Located In The Seventh House:

When this situation occurs, the person will be so full of negative energy and temper that they will disagree to maintain a healthy relationship with their family members. They will continue to be highly controlling and dictating over his/her spouse.

  1. When Mars Is Located In The Eighth House:

The presence of Mars in the Eighth house will make the person inactive and lazy. They may also continue to lose their temper out on their family members unpredictably. They are also more likely to be sexually energetic.

  1. When Mars Is Located In The Twelfth House:

When Mars is situated in the Twelfth House, the person is likely to become mentally disturbed. They will often create problems while conversing with different people. Financial losses can occur too. The person often tends to suffer from various illnesses like blood diseases, hypertension, and acidity. They are likely to indulge in extra-marital affairs and can also become careless in money matters.

Remedies To Remove Mangal Dosha:

Some of the most effective remedies to remove this Dosha are:
  1. To remove Manglik Dosha, one should fast on the first Tuesday of every month during Shukla Paksha (or the waxing phase). While fasting, you are allowed to consume split pigeon dal (known as toor dal) only.
  2. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa at least once throughout the day.
  3. Being born on a Tuesday automatically nullifies this Dosha.
  4. Chant the Gayatri Mantra every day at least 108 times.
  5. A Manglik male should marry a Manglik female only.
  6. Chant “Om Shree Hanumante Namaha” every day 108 times while sitting in front of a Hanuman sculpture or picture or a Hanuman temple.
  7. Donate red clothes to workers who tend to work with sharp iron items or any other iron materials.
  8. Every Tuesday, make sure to visit the Hanuman Temple and offer some sweets, a lighting lamp containing ghee, and sindoor.
  9. Every Tuesday, donate red clothes, red stones, wheat bread, food made of red dal, and sharp things.
  10. According to Hindu tradition, Manglik women performing Kumbh Vivah can genuinely prove beneficial in removing the adverse effects of Manglik Dosha.

Manglik Dosha is considered to be the most infamous Dosha in Vedic Astrology. This Dosha has pretty severe effects on marriage; it can even lead to divorces and second marriages. But with the help of the remedies listed above, one will be able to cancel out this Dosha in no time!

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List Of Indian Festivals & Holidays In 2021

List Of Indian Festivals & Holidays In 2021

Festivals and Holidays of India hold immense significance in the life of every Indian here and of Indians living across the world.

India is known to be a country seeped in culture, heritage, and traditions. Therefore, all festivals and holidays celebrated in India, irrespective of various religious beliefs, hold an unmoving position in the lives of its citizens. The brilliance of the celebration of Indian festivals catches the eyes of people all over the world. Many tourists and foreigners come to India to enjoy and commemorate these occasions with full enthusiasm and lively spirit. There is no other place that celebrates festivals as buoyant as India.

The Feeling Of Humanity And Brotherhood:

India is a secular country where all the festivals, irrespective of religion or caste, are honored with equal importance and passion. These special occasions result in assembling people under a single roof and celebrate festivals without a second thought. They help promote a feeling of humanity and fraternity, thus making every festivity more enlightening and exceptional! This makes India even more joyful and cheerful. The fact that all Indian citizens join together to celebrate a particular festival and make it more special. That is what matters in the end! Today we have brought to you the List of Indian Festivals of 2021.

List Of Indian Festivals And Holidays In 2021:

Below is a list of festivals in 2021 and their respective dates to make this year more enlightening and festive.

There are two types of Government Holidays. They are:

  1. Public Holiday

A Public Holiday is a holiday followed by private and public schools, banks, and other corporations. The various public holidays of 2021 include:

Occasions                                                   Date                                Day

Republic Day                                                    26th January                            Tuesday

Maha-Shivratri                                               11th March                                Thursday

Holi                                                                      29th March                               Monday

Good Friday                                                      2nd April                                    Friday

Ram Navami                                                    21st April                                    Wednesday

Mahavir Jayanti                                              25th April                                  Sunday

Ramadan/Eid-ul-Fitr                                  12th May                                    Wednesday

Buddha Purnima                                            26th May                                   Wednesday

Bakr Eid                                                                21st July                                   Wednesday

Independence Day                                          15th August                             Sunday

Janmashtami                                                   30th August                               Monday

Muharram                                                         19th August                               Thursday

Gandhi Jayanti                                                2nd October                               Saturday

Dussehra                                                           15th October                               Friday

Diwali                                                                4th November                            Thursday

Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti                            19th November                           Friday

Christmas                                                        25th December                           Saturday


  1. Optional Holiday

Non-mandatory holiday that depends entirely on the employee’s wish. These restricted holidays include

Occasions                                                  Date                                  Day

New Year’s Day                                                    1st January                             Friday

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti                             2nd January                           Saturday

Lohri                                                                         13th January                        Wednesday

Pongal                                                                      14th January                        Thursday

Hazrat Ali Birthday                                         25th February                     Thursday

Holika Dahana                                                     28th March                            Sunday

Easter Day                                                             4th April                                   Sunday

Baisakhi/ Chaitra Sukladi                              13th April                                  Tuesday

Jamat-Ul-Vida                                                   6th May                                     Thursday

Rabindranath Tagore Birthday                  9th May                                      Sunday

Onam                                                                     12th August                               Thursday

Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi                                22nd August                               Sunday

Ganesh Chaturthi                                            10th September                         Friday

Maha Ashtami                                                  13th October                            Wednesday

Maha Navami                                                   14th October                             Thursday

Govardhan Puja                                              5th November                            Friday

Bhai Duj                                                             6th November                          Saturday

Chatt Puja                                                        10th November                         Wednesday

Guru Teg Bahadur Martyrdom Day      24th November                       Wednesday


  1. Observance Holiday

There are numerous observance holidays celebrated in India. These include:

Occasions                                          Date                                          Day

Chinese New Year                                  12th February                                  Saturday

Valentine’s Day                                      14th February                                  Sunday

Maundy                                                      1st April                                             Thursday

First Day Of Passover                          4th April                                             Sunday

Ambedkar Jayanti                                 14th April                                           Wednesday

May Day                                                   1st May                                                 Saturday

Mothers Day                                          9th May                                                Sunday

Fathers Day                                            20th June                                             Sunday

Guru Purnima                                        24th July                                             Saturday

Friendship Day                                      1st August                                           Sunday

Halloween                                               31st October                                       Saturday

Children’s Day                                       14th November                                Sunday

First Day Of Hanukah                         28th November                                Sunday

Last Day Of Hanukah                         6th December                                     Monday

Significance Of Indian Holidays:

Indian Holidays hold great importance in the lives of every individual. They are known to be the ultimate getaways from the regular mundane routine. To spend and enjoy quality time with loved ones is all we ask for.Thankfully, festivals and holidays are exactly which every individual craves. Everyone experiences happiness and tranquillity while being with their family, and reliving the brilliant Indian cultures and traditions is truly exquisite. No one can ever get enough of learning about their respective practices and cultures. Festivals guide us through our heritage and enable us to discover our religion more.

The excitement we get while wholeheartedly rejoicing and immersing in the traditional values and beliefs of festivals and holidays brings the human mind to peace. The ultimate happiness we receive while performing various rituals during celebrations tranquilizes us to the very core of our hearts.

The Takeaway

Indian Holidays are a tremendous opportunity to bring all Indians closer together, thus imparting a feeling of humanity and amity within all individuals. Honestly, India can be considered the only country to commemorate special occasions to every person, irrespective of religious beliefs.

Celebrating these occasions results in creating a special bond of humanity and brotherhood, which is unbreakable and robust. This unity formed between people is all that we need to make an occasion joyous and enlightening. So, let us take forward the beautiful Indian cultures that we have nurtured through centuries and thrive and comprehend its true essence and cultures.

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