Everything You Need To Know About The Jalaabhishek Of Shivlinga

Lord Shiva or as we call him Mahadev is probably one of the most innocent deities out there and it is easy to please him. That is why we often refer to him as “Bholenath”. He has a soft-heart and praying to him with the right heart can help you achieve anything. People perform Jal Abhishek on Shiv-ling to gain his blessings and achieve their goals. Devotees perform the Jal-Abhishek on  Shivling s it represents Mahadev. He is the creator of a successful life and destroyer of evil.  In temples across the country, people hang pot or vessels full of milk or water and other ingredients over the lingam.  You can witness a Jal Abhishek by visiting the Somnath temple on Dwarka Somnath Tour Package.  Let us know more about the Jal Abhishek.

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