Chardham yatra – Connect with the Supreme Being


Explore the divine power of prayer amidst the incredible serenity of Mother Nature. The significance of Chardham is well-known in the Hindu religion which means holy destinations. The breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas as well as the captivating holy rivers and the unmatched atmosphere of spirituality, all make Chardham tour a must for all believers in God. You can now avail the most convenient travel options such as Chardham by chopper also and observe the cultural heritage of India. According to Hindu mythology, Chardham yatra opens the door for salvation by removing all the sins. Not only does it have religious significance but scientific importance also. Visiting these places showers health benefits as the location is free of pollution and provides tranquillity for one’s well-being.

The Route to the Unworldly Heritage – Chardham Yatra

  • Starting from the source of the sacred river Yamuna, Yamunotri is situated in the altitude of 3164 meters from sea level. This famous pilgrimage is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. The tour so begun from the left as due to traditional specifications gives its pilgrims the birds’ eye view. The natural beauties of landscapes are incomparable. The adventurous trek from Hanuman Chatti will surely be blissfully appealing to both mind and body to every human being.
  • The holiest river in India is Ganga, which holds the power to purify mind and soul. It liberates oneself from the cycle of life and death. Hindus believe that bathing in the river Ganga can wash away their sins and thus the river personifies Goddess Ganga. The pilgrims will then proceed towards the enchanting valleys and beautiful views of Rishikesh.
  • The highest temple among all the jyotirlingas in the Kedarnath temple. It is located in the mesmerising Mandakini valley, in the district of Rudraprayag. Kedarnath temple is also one of the most popular temples of India. Devotees take it as a lifetime privilege to have been able to make it to this Dham. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva which was built 1,200 years ago. A visit to this place can restructure the holy sentiment in man.
  • Adishankaracharya re-created One of the oldest Dhams to revive Hinduism is the Badrinath Dham. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu in this pilgrimage. Residing on the banks of river Ganga, it has a steep mounting from 11 km to Badrinath. The entrancing images of Lord Vishnu inside the temple will bring instant joy to your heart. Besides, the architecture will make you realise about the rich Indian heritage and majestic spirituality will leave you spellbound.

Chardham by Helicopter

Believe in God and observe turning everything positive around you. Engage in the mystic tale of Chardham yatra which now made convenient for you. Take the tour by Helicopter of all the four pilgrimages with various other benefits also. The inclusions are hotel accommodation, comfortable stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner, VIP darshans at all temples and much more. For more details on Chardham tour packages, please visit the website MyTirthIndia Plan a journey that will surely be memorable, comfortable, and safe. Fulfil all your wishes to go on a Chardham yatra, a journey of contentment that is the sovereign path to spirituality.