Experience The Divine Feelings Of Rudrabhishek At Mahakaleshwar

rudrabhishek in mahakaleshwar

Among the twelve jyotirlings one of the most popular temples is Shri Mahakal temple. The location of the temple is in the city of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Rudra is the name of lord Shiva and Abhishek means pouring water. The process of performing this ritual to shiva provides immense mental peace as well as purifies the body and soul .Rudrabhishek in Mahakaleshwar is the procedure of pouring water that is pure, milk or honey or even ghee to Shiv ling. The puja provides positive energy and eliminates all the negativity. It bestows blessings on the performer and fulfils all the wishes of the devotee. 

Maha Abhishek in Mahakaleshwar

The power of the mantras is capable of filling the life of the devotee with all around happiness. The Brahmins in the temple chant pure Sanskrit slokas and mantras. It is so pure that that it ignites immense natural power in the environment. The place is of special significance because of its rich history. It is one of the most sacred temples in India. so,Thousands of Pilgrims visit the place on regular basis. People believe that the puja removes the sins of the devotee. The continuous chanting of the powerful shiv mantra is done to please the lord. The dedication towards shiva is shown by this puja.

Seek the blessings of the lord of lords with the powerful and effective rudrabhishek of the Mahakal. There are few things that you can use for the rudrabhishek puja procedure these ares-

  • You can use gangajal or milk for the abhishek
  • You may also use gulabjal, ghee or honey
  • Panchamrit is essential for the puja which is made by combining milk, curd, sugar, honey and ghee.
  • Natural dhoop and ghee pradips and aromatic sticks, flowers, Bel patra are must during the puja
  • Also The offerings can be according to your preference

Ujjain is the perfectly peaceful place for the devotees to perform the puja. Perform the puja for ultimate bliss and mental and physical well being also. Everyone is aware of the majestic power of rudraabhishek. You just have to perform the puja in the right way. This is possible with proper planning for the visit of the place and booking the perfect priest to get the right guidance.

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