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Online puja services in India

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of us have not been able to visit the temples and complete the festive rituals accordingly. These are the times when we seek the blessings of God almighty. We need to have faith in the supreme power that this global pandemic will be over soon. For all of us who have not been able to offer their prayers to the almighty through rituals, the best option is to use online puja services.

The best part of the online puja services is, they are available in different locations. You can get the online puja services anywhere in India and abroad as well. Yes, this sudden global outbreak has indeed scared us. But what helps us to keep going is our faith in the supreme power of God. That’s what gives us the strength to get going. The lockdown has prevented us from going to the temples and this is why the online puja in Somnath Temple has become so much popular.

If you study the daily news reports, the demand for the online puja services and rituals has grown drastically, especially amidst the lockdown. It might sound surprising but the concept is very simple. You can see your puja happening live using Messenger or WhatsApp video calls. Thus, all of the attendees can be a part of the puja, chant mantras according to the guidance of the pandit.

The demand for online puja services is viral now. This demand for online puja in Vrindavan orVrindavan special pujas will continue to grow even after the lockdown ends because people may not want to visit crowded places like temples. Instead, a better option is to complete all the rituals of a puja online.

What makes online puja in Kalighat so popular?

Being one of the pioneering portals of online puja services in India and abroad, My Tirth India has experienced a surge in online traffic. Multiple portals that offer online puja in Kalighat are experiencing an increase in online traffic.

Now, coming to the question of what makes online puja in Kalighat so popular, there is no doubt that temples of Varanasi are one of the most crowded places in India. With online puja in Kalighat, you will have the chance to offer your prayers more conveniently without facing the hassle of the crowd.

Secondly, anyone can get online puja booking done from home and there is no limitation on the number of attendees. You can include as many people as supported by the video calling portals. Easy and smooth payment options are available through net banking, online wallets, cards, and more. The online puja Kalighat is done by experienced pandits at your desired location.

Thirdly, unlike the on-site pujas, you will not have any problem in arranging the pandits. My Tirth India will take care of all the arrangements, starting from pandits to the puja ‘samagris’, time, date, and anything else.

With the online puja in Kalighat, it has become easier for the pandits to expand their reach. At present, a lot of pandits perform online puja services for different regions of India and abroad as well.

The online puja services have enabled a lot of earning opportunities for a large number of people, especially for the pandits. Before this, the pandits were only available through one or two online platforms. Now, you can do a quick search online and get in touch with different portals offering online puja.

What are the ways to book online puja in Somnath Temple?

It is easy to book online puja in Somnath Temple. First, you visit your preferred portal that offers online puja services. If you do a quick Google search on online puja services, you will find us online.

Once you choose the portal, you have to select what kind of puja you want. It can be different types of online pujas, bookings for online Pind Daans, Asthi Visarjan, Shradh, Tirth Darshan packages, and more. The online puja bookings include Badrinath Dham Special Pujas, Somnath Special Pujas, Pitra Dosh Pujas, Gopal Santan Pujas, Katyayani Mantra Pujas, Bagalamukhi Mantra Pujas, and more.

When you choose the online puja in Somnath Temple, you select your preferred time and date. Once that is done, all you need to do is make the online payment for your puja. That’s it. After that, you will get an email notification about the booking confirmation. On the day of your puja, you will receive a notification. You can join the puja by opening the link.

Whether online puja in Badrinath Dham is effective or not?

Now, there are different opinions about this question. A lot of people might think that booking online puja in Badrinath Dham is not as effective as visiting the place and offering prayers to the almighty.

It is important to know that puja is not a matter of how much money you spend. Neither is it about grand gestures. Puja is all about the faith of devotees, the dedication, and the sadhana of the pandit.

There is a myth that all the problems of the devotees are shifted to the pandit during the puja. Thus, if the Dakshina given after the puja is not used in a good way then it can destroy the families. This is why a proper Vedic pandit will always perform Jaap after doing a puja.

Now, coming back to the question, how effective is the online puja in Badrinath Dham. This concept of doing pujas online is not a new one, especially not in Hinduism. According to the Puranas and Vedas, a lot of pandits used to do pujas with their Divya Dristi.

The sadhana and meditation gave the rishis and pandits the power of third-eye, also known as Divya Dristi. The Badrinath Dhamonline puja or Badrinath Dham special pujas are not very new. It’s just that with the increase in the use of technology, we are getting familiar with the concepts of pujas happening online.

It is okay to perform online puja in Badrinath Dham if you are with the right person with the right sankalpam. A huge number of people, who stay abroad, get the opportunity of offering the pujas in this way. Not only the pujas, but a large number of people also perform Pind Daan, Asthi Visarjan, and Sraadh online with proper guidance from pandits.

Why should you opt for online puja in Vrindavan?

One of the primary reasons to choose the online puja in Vrindavan is because it will save a lot of time and make things easy for you. The set of pandits that will perform the puja are extremely knowledgeable. They are Vedic pandits who have in-depth knowledge of the Vedas and Puranas.

Apart from saving a lot of time, the online puja in Vrindavan will also save you from multiple arrangements. The prasad is sent to you by courier and you will get it by the estimated time. All the Vidhis and Vidhan are maintained according to the Vedic protocols.

The service of online puja in Vrindavan makes pujas and jaaps available with the click of a button. You can offer your prayers to God almighty and show your gratitude towards god. You can do everything that you do on an on-site puja, just the medium becomes online.

Cherish the ease and convenience of a complete puja service at the comfort of your home. This is where the usefulness of an online puja in Vrindavan comes in. Imagine if you are having a festival coming in a week time and you have not made any kind of preparations, the best option is to use the online puja services.

Book your online puja in Vrindavan and use your phone to be there at the predefined time. You will see your puja happening live! The best part is, even if there are connection issues, you will get the complete video of it. Thus, it solves the location hazards and delivers peace of mind.