India’s Biggest Pilgrim Site- My Tirth India Is Looking For Franchisees

pilgrim tour packages in India.

India is a country where you will find people worshipping God every two miles in different ways possible. One can also find a religious building such as a temple, Gurudwara, Mosques, church, etc in every nook and corner. Hence, it is safe to say that our motherland consists of devotees who are willing to do anything to connect with God. Although, with the invasion of technology, people can worship or pay tribute online. But, this does not take away their faith in practising different spiritual things such as visiting a pilgrim site across the country. This is where the concept of spiritual and religious tourism came. Anyone can find affordable pilgrim tour packages in India.

Religious tourism is a very lucrative and profitable business. You will find devotees and people travelling in groups across the country and states for days to witness this divine place. You will find people celebrating some sort of festival or ceremonies every other day. With this rate, you can easily say spiritual tourism is a business that you would not get anywhere. Hence, you should not miss this opportunity of being a franchisee of My Tirth India. They provide pilgrim tour packages in India.

The Perks Of Being A Franchisee Of MTI:

My Tirth India is one of the fastest-growing religious and spiritual tourism sites. They are currently looking for partners to open their franchise across the country. According to reports, the business of spiritual tourism stands at a whopping rate of 30-40 billion dollars. You can be a part of this travel revolution without making a huge investment. Let us have a look at the perks of being a franchise partner of MTI.

  • Low investment: Now, you might be wondering that setting your footsteps in a billion-dollar industry can cost you a fortune. However, this is not true. In order to join My Tirth India, the investment you make is extremely low. This would not affect your profit margin. People are buying Pilgrimage Tour Packages in India all the time. As a result, the profit you would make would be huge.
  • Reputed Market Name: My Tirth India is a very popular and reputed name of religious travel in the market. Hence, you do not have to worry about establishing a name from scratch. Marketing would not be a hassle and you will get the sites loyal clients without any hassle.
  • The Right Time: This franchisee opportunity came at the right time. With the current situation, people are praying to God all the time and making promises to visit their abode when the situation gets normal. Hence, as soon as the lockdown is lifted, your business will be flourishing. You will make twice the profit as your investment.

These are some benefits of joining us and opening your own travel agency. Check out the website of My Tirth India for All India Pilgrimage Tour Packages and call us for details.