Some Lesser Known Facts About The Golden Temple At Amritsar

Golden Temple Darshan

The Golden Temple is the heart of Amritsar and the most loved Gurdwara here in India. The enthralling beauty of this majestic temple is the symbolism of harmony, glory and equality. Sri Harmandir Sahib is behind the cohesive role of such a rich and glorious culture of Punjab which makes this spiritual site the most pious pilgrimage spot for Sikhs. This Iconic Temple has the most beautiful and elegant architecture and the ambience is absolutely surreal. Every year thousands of devotees from around the globe come here seeking solace and spiritual bliss. You can plan a trip there at an affordable golden temple Amritsar Package.

This Gurdwara is not only spiritual but also an absolute treat for the eyes. It stands straight and strong in the middle of a huge pool which makes people believe that the temple floats on water. This will be a trip that will be etched in your soul forever. Take your family there at reasonable Amritsar Golden Temple Tour Packages.

Here are some facts that most people do not know about the Golden Temple:

It was the meditation site of Lord Buddha: There are proofs which state that Lord Buddha took shelter here for a long time. According to him, this is the perfect meditation spot. You can embody peace and relaxation here.

The Fifth Sikh Guru took the invitation to construct it:

The first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak meditated and prayed on this site way long before the Golden Temple was even there. But, Sri Harmandir Sahib was behind the whole construction. He is the fifth Sikh Guru. He was also the architect of the temple and the whole design was his idea. It took eight years to complete the construction from 1851.

The Name:

The entire temple has a covering of gold foil and thus the name. Islamic rulers constantly came to the temple and destroyed it multiple times after the death of Guru Govind Singh. They blew up the entire temple with gunpowder in 1762. But, Maharaja Ranjit Singh rebuilt it even after the massive destruction with marble and put on layers of gold. He took over the responsibility of the temple and left Desa Singh in its charge.

The Death Of Baba Deep Singh:

One of the most honourable and powerful martyrs in India’s history is Baba Deep Singh. His last wish was to die in the temple. After the invasion of Jagan Khan in 1757, he was killed in the battle. Legend has it that even though his head fell off the body, he took the head in one hand and continued to fight. He slowly made his way to the golden temple and took his last breath there.

Open to everyone:

People of all religions, creed and caste are welcome in the temple and a Sufi Saint Mian Mir kept the foundation stone. Do the Amritsar Golden Temple Tour now.

These are some amazing facts about the Golden Temple. If you are looking for an affordable Golden Temple Darshan Package, visit the website of My Tirth India.