This Rakshabandhan, Gift Her A Spiritual Trip To The Jagannath Temple

jagannath temple darshan tour

One of the purest and most joyous celebrations in the country is Raksha Bandhan. It celebrates the bond of love that siblings share. On this day, the sister or sisters tie a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist. The brothers, in return, vows to protect them forever. There are also many tales and myths that surround the origin of raksha Bandhan. It not celebrates the bond of blood siblings but also people who share a brotherhood towards each other. They also exist as gifts on those days. Talking about gifts, have you decided what to give your sibling this year? Is it the same old things? Well, then skip them and book a Jagannath Temple Darshan Tour for them instead.

The Jagannath temple in Puri is one of the most sacred and holiest temples in India. This temple is the abode of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra Devi and Balaram. It is also one of the most important pilgrim places and one of the four parts of the Char Dham in India. There are so many underlying facts and stories present in the Jagannath Temple that this makes the darshan tour a worthy gift.

The Enthralling Story Of Jagannath Temple:

The founder of this temple is King Anantavarman. Thousands of people from across the globe come to get a glimpse of this temple every year. While the deities of other temples are made up of metal and stones, the deities of Jagannath temple are made up of neem woods which disintegrate themselves. The temple was built in 1161 which makes the temple nearly 1000 years old. One of the most important festivals of Raksha Bandhan is the great celebration of Rath Yatra every year.  Legend says that the origin of the first image of Jagannath Devi was found near a banyan tree. Also, no return subs. This results tbe Yoratra and the main group. These are also some ways altogether. 

  • There is a flag on the top of the temple which flows on the opposite side of a meal. 
  • A priest climbs on the top of the temple every time he replaces it.
  • The food in the temple never goes to waste or there is never a loof table. 

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