Vaishno Devi Online Prasad Booking And Home Delivery

Shri Maa Vaishno Devi Online Prasad Booking And Home Delivery

Vaishno Devi Mata is also recognized as Mata Vaishnavi, Trikuta, and Mata Rani. She is a demonstration of Goddess Maha Kali (Goddess of death, time, and judgment-day), Goddess Maha Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), and Goddess Maha Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge). The universe famed Vaishno Devi Temple is located in the Trikuta ranges of Jammu And Kashmir. Vaishno Devi Temple is known to be one of the most cherished Hindu pilgrimages of India and is, therefore, visited by people all over India as well as foreign countries. The world-famous cave temple of Vaishno Devi is the dwelling of Goddess Shakti or Goddess Parvati, accompanying 33 more Hindu Gods.

The great temple of Vaishno Devi Mata is visited by crores of devotees each year. You can imagine the popularity and importance of this temple encompassing the lives of devotees! The underlying faith of people for the Goddess is astounding as dawn, day, dusk, and night, devotees queue up for getting Darshan of Mata.

Outbreak Of COVID-19 Affecting The Temple: 

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, strict procedures are being followed everywhere. Particularly, the outburst of this virus has resulted in the temporary shutting down of all religious places, including Vaishno Devi Mata Mandir for people visits. But, the good news is that now you get the option of offering your puja Online. The package also includes the home delivery facility of the legendary Prasad to ensure a proper Vaishno Devi experience.

These measures are taken to ensure that you get the best puja experience, just like the previous times. However, the only difference will be that the Puja will be performed online. We promise that you will not regret booking a puja as it will only prove beneficial for you and your family members.

Now, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will not want to miss out on!

Steps To Follow To Book A Online Prasad / Puja:

All you need to do is book a puja online and then relax and leave it in the hands of the Shrine Board.

  1. Open any web browser and search for Shree Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s web page. Click on it.
  2. Then, request for a puja.
  3. There are three packages accessible, each with different prices- one for Rs. 500, one for Rs. 1,100, and another for Rs. 2,100. Select a particular package and book a puja.

You are all done, now you can relax!


The Vaishno Devi Mata Temple rests calmly on the Trikuta Mountains of Jammu. Millions of people come here every year to seek the blessings of Maa. The number of foreigners seen in the temple is also extraordinary.

Though not allowed to visit the temple due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Puja can be seen live just because of the facilities made available. So, if you get a chance to be a part of this beautiful Vaishno Devi puja experience, do not miss it. We promise; it is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Importance Of Grah Pravesh Puja

Importance Of Grah Pravesh Puja Indian House warming Tips & Rituals

Grah Pravesh is known to be a welcoming function to commemorate an individual or a family entering their new house for the first time. The Grah Pravesh Puja is carried out in several stages and is an initiating new house-entering ceremony. It is believed that this ‘act of worship is vital for them. This is because ‘Online Grah Pravesh Puja’ is supposed to drive off forces of evil and cleanse the new environment for the new incumbents to live in.

Celebration Of This Occasion On An Auspicious Day:

It is believed that the performance of GrahPravesh Puja on an auspicious day will bring in good fortune. Conducting this ceremony on a sunny day will make your and your family’s lives calm and trouble-free. Therefore, to live in your new home blessed and free from any struggles, it is always advised to perform this auspicious ceremony. As all Hindus are very particular about ‘Shubh Muhurta’, the ceremony is organized on auspicious days. Some of the best joyful moments to hold this ceremony include Akshaya Tritiya, Vasant Panchami, Dussehra (Vijayadashmi), and GudiPadwa. On the other hand, organizing this Puja on occasions like Holi, Uttarayana, Shraddha Paksha, and Uttarayana is not the ideal time to celebrate Griha Parvesh.

Importance Of Grah Pravesh Puja:

While choosing a new house to accommodate, we always look for factors or settings that can make the place exquisite and exceptional. We try to catch hold of the finest quality furniture, acceptable aesthetics, and the right kind of paint to make our home perfectly habitable. But while doing so, we often forget the most important part: keeping our living environment peaceful and free from evil forces and this can only be done by a ceremony as pious as a Grah Pravesh.

Grah Pravesh Puja holds immense significance in Hindu belief while entering a new home. It is vital to purify it from negative energy, affecting your lifestyle to a great extent. The performance of this Puja is essential to maintain true peace in your household, make the space alive, and promote a lively, happy environment. It is necessary to know that you and your family will be at maximum benefit if this ceremony is commemorated.

According to Vastu, a house comprises five key elements (The Sun, Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire). Whereas, The proper arrangement of these elements results in the establishment of good health, fortune, and happiness. Thus, the GrahPravesh ceremony is vital for everyone to promote good luck and health.

MTI Online Grah Pravesh Puja:

The facility of online or virtual Grah Pravesh has now been made available for everyone. Our team of experienced and qualified Pandits performs the Puja according to your preferred language and regional specifications. They take control of the entire ceremony’s process, including assigning the best-suitable Pandit, Puja Samagri, the right Muhurat, etc. Your only work is to book a puja and relax while you receive the best ceremonial experience. The Pandemic has expedited and quickened the process of acceptance of Online Grah Pravesh amongst all Hindus.

Tips For Organizing Online Grah Pravesh Puja For Your New Home:

  1. Always remember to organize the Grah Pravesh Puja on an auspicious day as it would be highly beneficial to your family and your new home environment.
  2. Clean your new house perfectly before the ceremony. Clean the floor surface using saltwater. This will help in adequately cleansing your home and purifying it.
  3. Always place your right foot first while entering the home.
  4. Decorate the main door using fresh flowers and mango leaves. This is because the door is also known as Simha Dwara and is the face of Vastu Purush. It would help if you also adorned the door with the symbol of Swastika, lotus, or go-Padma at both ends.
  5. Organize a Havan to cleanse the space and purify the surroundings.
  6. Decorate the floor with a beautiful Rangoli (using bright colors) as it is believed that rangolis invite Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity.

Winding Up:

Organizing Grah Pravesh Puja is always considered the top priority list for establishing a peaceful home environment. This ceremony is the top-notch solution for living in a struggle-free and calm environment. If done correctly, you will be able to get the maximum possible benefits of a healthy habitat. The calmness and feeling of positivity you will experience while stepping into your new home for the first time after the Puja is priceless and relaxing. Also, it is best to consult an experienced pandit about how to place your furniture according to Vaastu to help bring enhanced results. We promise; it will be helpful.

7 Facts About Ambubachi Mela At Kamakhya Devi Temple

7 Facts About Ambubachi Mela At Kamakhya Devi Temple

The famous Ambubachi Mela is an annual Hindu Mela held to worship Goddess Kamakhya. It is a four-day festival held at the Kamakhya Temple situated at Guwahati, Assam. The Maa Kamakhya Devi Mandir is a very well-renowned temple across the world where Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped. 

This annual Mela is celebrated during the rainy season that falls in June, also known as Ahaar in Assam. 

Today, we will talk about many beautiful facts about this Mela that make devotees from all across the country throng to this temple every year.

The Festival Which Celebrates ‘Fertility of the Eternal Mother for Life on Earth’:

The great Maa Kamakhya Ambubachi Mela celebrates the annual menstrual cycle of Maa Kamakhya. Goddess Shakti goes through the menstrual phases during the days when the Mela is celebrated and hence the temple is closed for the pilgrims for a period of three days. Post this span of three days, various rituals are performed for hours to make sure that the Goddess retrieves her piousness.

7 Facts You Should Know About the Ambubachi Mela:

1. Another Name for This Mela

The spiritual Ambubachi Mela is also known as Ameti or Tantric Fertility Festival. Tantrics across the country assemble in massive numbers to offer Puja to Maa.

2. Traditional Belief

It is believed our Mother Earth is similar to the Power of Feminine. This is the reason why a woman’s womb is held in comparison with Kshetra for cultivation as new crop harvesting starts post-Ambubachi.

The folklore suggests that we all are children of Mother Earth and Ambubachi ushers in a new beginning.

3. Events Which Take Place During Three Days

The Kamakhya Temple is closed for three days during the Ambubachi Mela – during these three days, all the devotees come across certain restrictions. These restrictions include not reading any holy books, not performing any puja, and not cooking. These prohibitions are similar to those faced by women during their monthly menstruation period. 

4. Events Which Take Place After the Third Day

After completing three days, the temple doors are reopened again, and the devotees are allowed to enter the temple. Devotees then visit to seek the blessings of the Goddess, and Prasad is distributed among them. 

5. The Devotees

Many devotees come to visit the temple, seek the Goddess’s blessings and receive the special ‘Rakta Bastra’ another unique and extraordinary. Some Tantric Babas, who remain in isolation throughout the year, are available during the Kamakhya Ambubachi Mela. Several pilgrims ranging from ordinary people to the Sadhus come to attend this festival. Not only this, but a large number of foreigners also come to observe this great Mela.

6. Prasad Distributed

The Prasad is distributed during the fourth day of the Mela, after seeking Maa Kamakhya’s blessings, which is considered very special. It is distributed in two different forms- Angodak and Angabastra. The meaning of the work ‘Angodak’ is the ‘fluid part of the body. This refers to the ‘Water from the spring.’ The word ‘Angabastra’ means the ‘cloth covering the body.’ This refers to a piece of red cloth used to cover the yoni-shaped stone during the menstrual cycle of the Goddess. 

Similar To The Concept Of Mother’s Day In the US- The primary purpose of the Ambubachi Mela is to allow the Mother to initiate a new beginning, a new year. Since our Mother Earth serves us all year long, we must let Her rest. The theory and concept are similar to that of the celebration of Mother’s Day in the US. 


The Ambubachi Mela 2021 will start on 22nd June 2021 (Tuesday) and end on 26th June 2021 (Saturday). This means that the temple will close on 22nd June and reopen on 26th June. This festival will be celebrated on the temple premises itself. 

It is worth it to visit Maa Kamakhya Devi’s Temple during the Ambubachi Mela each year. An experience of a lifetime in itself. 

Online Puja Booking – professionally organized online religious services

Whether it is performed online or offline, puja is ritualistic worship for appeasing the deities. No matter where you are, the most important factor that matters is faith and dedication. A puja can be done at the temples, at home, at inaugural events, or in other different places, so why not online? Online puja booking services not only save time but also it solves the issue of non-availability of pandits.

Even though the concept of online puja booking services was not very much in use, the COVID-19 has pushed more people towards it. Online Somnath special puja booking services have become very popular and in-demand these days. Online puja will save you from the hassle of looking for pandits, making the arrangements, and collecting samagris. The blessings for puja and the positive vibes are more important than the distance.

This is why the online puja is as effective as any Vedic puja performed at home or in temples. There cannot be any doubt about it. In this present situation, it is safe to do puja online. The priest does a Sankalpa on your behalf and it does not require your presence on the site. The online puja booking and services is an amazing concept for this digital age.

We live in an era where we are busier with professional and personal commitments. We cannot travel easily from one place to another. Online Katyani Mantra pujas offer the comfort to sit at our home with our family and worship the Lord Almighty. In this global pandemic, online pujas come as a rescue for all of us to pray in peace. Also, this facility is very useful for senior citizens, families with newborns, and NRI’s.

Where can you find the best pandits for puja booking online?

When it comes to choosing the right pandit for online puja booking services, you will have a lot of options. Multiple online sites and platforms will claim to deliver the best pandits for your puja. While a lot of them will be able to provide you with satisfactory service, a lot of other sites will fail to do so.

Thus, how shall you find the right platform for your online puja booking services? While checking out the different online sites for puja services, here are the following factors you need to keep in mind. These will help you in choosing the right Gopal Santan Jaap puja booking services online.

  • The reputation of the online platform is very important. It should be a well-known platform with proper testimonials, reviews, and ratings. It is better not to opt for the newbies, especially if you are booking online puja services for the first time.
  • The next factor is considered their dedication. The online puja booking site should be dedicated to divine causes. It should not be only about the online booking of pundits and services. The platform should also consider educating people on the divine knowledge of the vidhis and make them realize the importance of special pujas.
  • Finally, the online platform should be a complete site. This means, not only it will do the puja for you online, but also arrange for the samagris. The platform should offer specific puja packages or kits for specific pujas.
  • Transparency is another important factor to keep in mind. When you book the puja services online, the platform should offer clear instructions about the time, date, packages, charges, arrangements and everything else.

Remember these factors while choosing pandits for online Bagalamukhi Mantra puja booking services.

What causes the massive craze for online puja booking services?

No doubt the COVID-19 has played a vital role in turning millions of people across the world to choose online puja. Apart from that, there are multiple other reasons for people using online puja booking services.

In Hinduism, there are elaborate puja services for almost every event in life. Not only the pujas, starting from the last rites, the other religious ceremonies, marriages, and everything can be done on the internet.

According to a census in 2011, more than 11.4 million Indian citizens lived outside India. Online puja services offer then with the chance to worship their preferred gods without having the travel miles and miles.

There is no doubt that we, Indians, want to keep our traditions alive. However, we find it hard to make time to keep up, especially if we are away from home. We all have problems in our lives. Online Shri Shani pujan services are available to get rid of all sorts of issues like marriage problems, educational problems, health issues, financial issues, and personality issues.

According to multiple popular priests, the most important factor of the puja is the vibrations. As long as the faith and dedication remain intact, the puja is bound to be successful. The best thing about online puja services is, it helps in reconnecting us to our families.

The priests that perform online pujas are well-versed with all sorts of Vedic knowledge, mantras, and religious rituals. On the right platform, you will have access to the best priests and they will use all the traditional materials.

Some add-on information about online puja booking services in MTI

What are the temples do you have in your network?

At My Tirth India, we have got a wide array of a network of temples pan India through representatives. These temples include Somnath temple, Badrinath temple, Kalighat temple, Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, and more. We work with all these temples across India to offer a plethora of pujas online for your convenience.

What kinds of pujas do you offer?

We offer different sets of pujas across different locations in India. Our online pujas include, Badrinath dham special pujas, Katyani Mantra puja, Pitra Dosh puja, Gopal Santan Jaap Puja, Shri Shani Pujan, Bagalamukhi Mantra Puja, Dwarkadhish Special pujas, Mahakali Mantra Puja, Maha Rudrabhishek Puja, Omkareshwar Special Pujas and a lot more. Along with online pujas, we also offer Asthi Visarjan and Pind Daan rituals and services.

How to complete the process of online puja booking?

First, you need to login to our website and register as a member or guest. Search for the kind of puja you want, the date, time, and the temple of your preference. Once that is done, you can make online payment through secure payment gateways. When the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation of your online puja booking through email.

God Getting Digital: New ways to visit God

In this gloomy COVID 19 situation, where the entire world is stuck in the pandemic, people are finding new ways to bring their lives to normalcy. Being an Indian, I am much aware that the travel industry is number two service providers to our economy. 70 % of it belongs to religions and pilgrimage.

India is a country of more than 135 crore population and the majority of it belongs to Hinduism. Due to the entire halt of physical darshan, closures of temples & strict guidelines of Government of India, physical travel almost stopped. With this a new normalcy bloomed. To fulfill all your desires and wishes God got digital. An online darshan and online pooja vertical is getting more popular these days. An option to visit your god, get connected and feel him realistically.

Albeit, during the lockdown most of the temples were following their pooja and aarti schedule, but those were not opened to the general public. As the situation moved on, people started accepting that they have to live with the corona. For every niche and mundane tasks, new normalcy originated. So, as pooja became online pooja and darshan transformed into online darshan. Now, all big and small temples are offering such options and even providing a variety of other facilities also. One can conduct pooja, darshan and aarti as per his budget and requirements. Pandit ji performs live pooja in the premises of the temple and even ask a couple of related questions while performing such rituals. One can check the details on the temple website or can also get the pooja done through authorized companies. My Tirth India is one such platform that offers several such pooja and aarti as a complete package.

Since the future is a question mark now. But one should remain positive and try to live life as normal accepting all challenges of today including COVID. Whatever turn future takes, but such options although situational still are remarkable and will surely have a bright future.

Rudrabhishek From The Comfort Of Your Home- Experience of a Lifetime

One of the most prominent Jyotirlingas out of the twelve is the one that resides in Shri Mahakal Temple. This temple is located in one of the most gorgeous cities in the country- Ujjain. We all are familiar with the term Rudrabhishek but very few actually know the meaning of it. Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva and the term Abhishek means pouring water/milk. Hence, Rudrabhishek is the ritual of bathing, shivling with water/milk etc. It also helps you to get rid of your sins and purify yourself to lead a better life. The Rudrabhishek at Mahakaleshwar temple is an extremely popular and prestigious ritual that Devotees gather to witness from round the globe.

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Get Maha Mrityunjaya and Kal Sarpa Puja Done Online By MTI

The entire world is suffering through a very hard time now. With the chaos of the pandemic everywhere, reaching out and playing to the Almighty is our only way of relief. This year has not been so great so far and hence we want a miracle to happen. Only the supreme power can do such a miracle which will make things normal again. But, with the lockdown, our plans to visit the temple or conduct a puja has been put on hold. Being unable to visit religious places has left people looking for other options. With the majority of the world living online, companies have started offering online puja services as well. You can now complete your rites and puja online by availing the online puja services of MTI.

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