The Divine Service Of Langar in The Golden Temple

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The Golden Temple in Amritsar is an absolute surreal place that witnesses millions of visitors every year from all over the world. Apart from the gorgeous architecture, what really attracts the visitors is Langar aka Guru’s Langar. Langar means Devotees or visitors get to enjoy a scrumptious meal in the community hall of the Gurdwara. The kitchen of Golden Temple is also the largest community kitchen in the world and feeds thousands of individuals every day. You can visit the Golden Temple by booking a golden temple Amritsar Package

There are entrance gates in the Gurdwara from every side which is the symbolic representation of the fact that everyone is welcomed inside the temple irrespective of their religion, sex, cast, creed or colour. There is no discrimination in Guru’s dwar. You can enjoy a delicious meal at any time of the day and you can choose to volunteer too. The kitchen remains open 24*7. Volunteers help in preparing the meals by their own free will. Visit on a golden temple darshan package.

The Langar Of Golden Temple:  

Every  single meal of the place is handmade and prepared from scratch. However, the temple has an automatic machine which can produce 25000 rotis in one hour. They use this product only when there is a rush. On a normal day, an average of 50000-60000 people every day. During religious occasions, the crowd increases with an average for 100,000 everyday. The system of operation is pretty impressive. Since they feed so many people everyday , they also get raw materials in bulk. The temple runs on the donations.

The Langar Hall:

There are two community halls in the golden temple where they serve the food. They serve the dal or lentils on the plate while one needs to raise their hands to accept roti politely. Once, they finish serving the food a volunteer says , “Jo Bole So Nihal”, meaning, Whoever Utters Shall be Happy, to which the crowd responds with, “Sat Sri Akal”, meaning True is the Name of God, and then the crowd commences eating the meal. 

More About The Langar:

  • It is the largest community kitchen on the planet.
  • Every single individual can have food there irrespective of anything.
  • An average of 50,000 people enjoy the spectacular goodness of langar. The number doubles during occasions.
  • The meals usually consist of roti, pickle, kheer and dal. Simple yet full of flavours.
  • There are more than 300 sewadars in-house and many people volunteer at their free will.
  • They are extremely hygienic and abide by all the protocols. 
  • You can volunteer for as long as you want. 

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