Cancer Horoscope for Friday, December 08, 2023

Today Report: Cancer Horoscope for Friday, December 08, 2023

Other people may appear to have a lot more metal and emotional toughness than you do at the moment, but that doesn`t mean that you`re completely out of the running. Take a deep breath, look at what`s going on around you and reassess your strategy. You might have to play by some rules that you don`t necessarily agree with, but if they allow you to get where you ultimately want to go, you`re willing to embrace them. Instead of sitting back and worrying about your problems, you take a proactive approach to solving them.

Monthly Report: Cancer Horoscope for December, 2023

Your energy's low, but your assertiveness is high for this December, Cancer proceed carefully and wisely. Concentrate on administrative actions, delegating tasks. Handle red tape, plan an ambitious career or business move/project. Your sociability is productive, so gather allies. Otherwise, enjoy the sweet solitude and blissful contemplation that come now through these days. Sunday shows you nature's heaven. Beauty, pleasure and romantic dreams fill the month, do speculate a little in stocks, create a bit in art. Work and duties fill your routine, something significant takes place silently in this arena as December files past. Relationships are lucky, testy, and dreamy for this month.

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