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Shatru Niwaran Stotram Puja


Shatru Niwaran Stotram Puja

Aparajita Stotram

The Goddess Aparajita is a form of Durga Maa. She is the form which destroys negativity and difficulties. She is the Goddess who cannot be defeated.

She manifests for the benefit of all mankind and destroys negative energy.

She purifies our surroundings to help us live a life free from obstacles and difficulties.

This form of the Goddess which establishes itself on the throne of the eight petals carries a trident and with the help of Deity Shiva, seeking assistance from the Devtas of directions and the Devtas of the premise, destroys the demoniacal energies.


People use these mantras as a way of healing business problems, court cases, and inviting Mahalakshmi into their lives.

Removes the evils.

Removes the enemies and their conspiracies.

Improves health and vitality.

Improves the magnetism in you.

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