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Grahan Dosh Puja


Grahan Dosh Puja

The Grahan Dosha Nivaran puja is specially meant reversing the bad effects of the dosha. If this severe dosha is corrected, it can result in positivity. This Dosha Nivaran has unlimited positive side. It can give an individual with loads of success and fortune. These are very serious faults that are found in one’s horoscope & it is very necessary that they should be eliminated at the earliest by getting a puja done known as "Grahan Dosh Removal Puja". Problems arising due to this Grahan Dosh, are many :

  • Complications in child birth, miscarriages, children at home falling sick are the situations faced due to this Grahan Dosh.
  • There may be problems at the house or in business leading to intense depression and financial crisis.
  • Relationship disputes between husband and wife and bad atmosphere at home.
  • The overall growth of a person also gets severely affected if this Dosha is allowed to continue.

If any of the above problems are bothering you, then we suggest you to get this Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja performed at the earliest either at your own place or alternately by our learned Purohits who are ready to perform this puja for you at our place. When a person’s horoscope is having any of the above described placements of Planets, they face a serious problem in the horoscope known as “Grahan Dosh".

This Puja and  Homam is done individually as also for his family members by an experienced Pandit preferable in a temple for best solution.

Price: Rs. 1000/-

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