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Grahan Dosh Puja


Grahan Dosh Puja

Grahan dosh is a very  feared dosh by the believers of astrology. Grahan dosh means Rahu or Ketu is in close conjunction with Sun or Moon at the time of your birth or you are born during eclipse time.


The Grahan Dosha Nivaran puja is specially meant for negating the bad effects of the dosha. Problems faced due to Grahan Dosh are..

Complications in conceiving children, repeated miscarriages, children at home falling sick more often, and repeatedly conceiving a girl child are the situations faced due to this Grahan Dosh.

There may be regular / repeated problems of unidentified origin at the house/ business leading to intense frustration.

There is a feeling of negative vibes whenever entering house / business premises & we feel negative vibes whenever we enter there.

The overall growth of a person seems to have been suspended in spite of putting his/her best efforts.

If any of the above problems are nagging you, then we suggest you to get this Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja performed at the earliest

Why MTI?

You will have a hassle free experience of Puja straight from the renowned temples without having to travel miles or stand in lines to your home.

Associated with a brand – India’s first comprehensive religious and pilgrimage site.

All our Pandits are experienced and learned.

Personalised attention by all our staff from the day of booking till the Puja is done.

Delivery of Prasad at home. (On request – Chargeable)

Price: Rs. 1000/-

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