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Shri Laghu Rudra Abhishek Puja


Shri Laghu Rudra Abhishek Puja :

A body smeared with ash, a tiger skin, a crescent moon, a snake around the neck, the third eye, matted hair, river Ganga flowing from the hair, a trident in one hand, a dumroo in the other, sometimes consumed in a cosmic dance and sometimes sitting still like a rock.

Shiva is life, Shiva is potential for life, Shiva is all encompassing - the universal soul or consciousness. Realising this Shiva Tattva leads to Ananda or bliss.

Laghu Rudra Puja

It is one of the most powerful and beneficial Puja dedicated to Lord Shiva. This puja is performed by experienced priests and that they recite very powerful mantras.

Moreover, these mantras bring good luck and fulfil all the desires of the person who performs the puja, is also the best way to overcome all the issues and problems of health, wealth and prosperity.

• This puja is to be performed by the person who is suffering from any diseases or ailments.

• Moreover, if one wants harmony and peace in the family relations then one can perform this puja.

• Also if a person is finding hard to attain success, then this puja is helpful.

• This puja also helps to improve the leadership qualities and eliminates any doshas in the life of the individual.

• This puja also smoothens the married lives of the couples and improves the well being of a person.


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