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Mahakali Mantra Puja


Mahakali Mantra Puja :


She is the most powerful form of Shakti and destroys all the evil forces in the world. she is depicted as fierce and evil but she is the mother of the world and filled with sympathy.She is also contemplating primitive form of life beginning. She is most often represented in art as a fearful fighting figure with a necklace of heads, skirt of arms, lolling tongue, and brandishing a knife dripping with blood.

Purpose of the Puja

Chanting Maha Kali’s mantras protects you from evil spirits and black magic.
Boosts your inner strength and make you strong enough to face and solve your problems. 
These mantras will help you to hold the peace and happiness in your home. 
It will strong the bonding between you and your better half and it will make you strong too so that you can handle any situation and circumstances quickly.
Reciting this mantra regularly bliss your life with more spark and you can feel a positive nature in you. 
Maha Kali’s mantras are the keys of success and happiness, you can easily touch your target and fulfil your aim in life. 
If you are frustrated from the office politics, or some financial crisis, then chanting this mantra will work like a magic. 
It will solve your each and every disorder and make your life smooth and pleasant. 

Why with MTI?

You will have a hassle free experience of Puja straight from the renowned temples without having to travel miles or stand in lines to your home.
Associated with a brand – India’s first comprehensive religious and pilgrimage site.
All our Pandits are experienced and learned.
Personalised attention by all our staff from the day of booking till the Puja is done.
Delivery of Prasad at home. (On request – Chargeable)

Price: Rs. 1000/-

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