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Mahalaxmi Temple In Kolhapur


Mata Mahalakshmi Mai is referred as 'Adiparashakthi', Goddess of prosperity. 

One of 51 Shaktipeeths according to Devi Purana, one of 18 Mahashaktipeeths as per Sankar Samhita of Skanda Purana and Ashta Dasa Shakti Peetha Stotram, she is the 'Mulaprakriti Mahalakshmi Devi' described in the Shakta text - Pradhanika Rahasya.Goddess Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur is revered as Sinhavahini (Goddess on a lion) and 'Rudraardhangotsanga Nivasini', (Bhagwan Shiv Ji's consort). Little wonder that Goddess mahalakshmi is considered as second Avatar of Ma Durga.

There are various types of Puja performed in the temple. 

Kumkum Archana : By performing 'Kum Kum Archana Pujan' of Goddess  Mahalakshmi, her devotees will be blessed with wealth, peace & prosperity and most importantly, a happy family. Most married women perform this Archana for better marital life and also for their children's health and for their success. Kum Kum is made up of turmeric powder and a few other important elements.

'Paddya Puja' - While uttering each name of the Laxmi Devi, lotus flower is offered at the holy feet of the Ma.  This puja will remove all obstacles and hurdles related to career and business as experienced Pandits perform this Pujan. This Puja also helps you achieve success in all ventures of life and resolves all financial issues.

'Panchmurt Abhishekh' - Saree  by Devotee - Panchamrut, also called Charnamrut is a mix made especially   in Pujas and religious rituals. It is a Sanskrit word where Panch’ means ‘Five’ and ‘Amrit’ means ‘The Nectar Of Gods’. Panchamrit is made using 5 main ingredients which when combined in the right quantity enhances the quality of each other. Experienced Pandits perform this puja by offering Saree to Ma as their request to provide them with power, success and prosperity.

This Puja also blesses you with beauty and intelligence and above all, grace.

Price: Rs. 1000/-

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