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Mata Lalita Devi Ka Darbar Online Puja


Naimisharanya is a famous pilgrimage place for Hindus.  Which is located on the banks of river Gomti in Sitapur district, about 80 km from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.  Naimisharanya is located about a mile from Sitapur station.  Chakratirtha, Vyas Gaddi, Manu-Satarupa Tapobhoomi and Hanuman Garhi are also major tourist spots here.  There is also a lake, the middle of which is made in the form of a sphere and there is constant water coming out of it.  If you ever visit Sitapur then definitely visit these places and make these places memorable in your life.

It has been said about the Naimisharanya pilgrimage site that Maharishi Shaunak had a desire to do long-term Jnanasatra in his mind.  Lord Vishnu was pleased with his worship and gave him a cycle and also asked him to go on walking this cycle and the place where the name (circumference) of this cycle falls down, then understand that the place has become sacred.  When Maharishi Shaunak started driving the cycle from there, 88000 Sahasra Rishi also accompanied him.  When they all started following that cycle.  While walking, suddenly the name of the chakra fell in a forest on the banks of the Gomti river and it entered the chakra land there.  Due to the falling of the cycle, the area came to be called Naimish.  For this reason, this place is also called Naimisharanya.

Naimisharanya Parikrama

The circumambulation of Naimisharanya located in Sitapur is of 84 cos.  This revolution begins every year on the new moon of Phalgun and ends till the full moon.  All the pilgrimages here come to him in the small (intuitional) of Naimisharanya.

Here are the main pilgrimage

  • Panchprayag Sarovar
  • This is a sure tank.  At its edge is a tree named Akshayavat.
  • Lalitadevi Temple

It is a famous temple of this place.  Along with this, there is a temple on a concrete lake of Govardhan Mahadev, Kshemkaya Devi, Janaki Kund, Hanuman and Kashi.  Also, Annapurna, Dharmaraja Temple and Vishwanathji's temple are also located.  Where the sacrificial offering is performed.

Places of Vyasa-shukdev

Inside a temple, there is a throne of Shukdev and Vyasa outside, and there are also platforms of Manu and Shatarupa nearby.

Dashashwamedh mound

A Temple on the mound also has idols of Sri Krishna and the Pandavas.

Pandava Fort

The temple on a mound also has idols of Shri Krishna and the Pandavas.

Place of cotton

Sutaji's throne is also located in a temple.  At the same time, idols of Radha-Krishna and Balaramji are also made.

There is also an ashram of Swami Srinardanandji Maharaj and a Brahmacharyashram, where the Brahmachari learns through the ancient method.  In the ashram, seekers live with a view to spiritual practice.  It is believed that all pilgrimages in Kalyug reside in the Naimish region.

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