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Online Rudrabhishek


'Shravan Mahina' is the most pious and auspicious time to seek blessings of the greatest Lord - Bhagwan Shiv Ji. It is believed that anyone who worships Shankar Bhagwan during Shravan gets all their wishes fulfilled. Rudrabhishek Pujan is the most popular and auspicious ritual performed during Shravan. Rudrabhishek is the ritual of 'Abhisheka' in which Bhagwan Shiv Ji is bathed in water - ghee - curd - honey - sugarcane juice - coconut water poured on the Shiva Linga.

This miraculous Pujan brings wealth and harmony wards off all negativity. It removes negative energy and purifies the soul by eliminating the 'Dusht' Karma and protects from evils and gives strength to deal with difficulties.

It can also eliminate the evil effects of various doshas in one's Kundlis such as Rahu dosha, Shrapit dosha. Rudrabhishek in the month of Shravan brings in magical results .Our experienced Pandits & Priests guide you through the entire process. If to follow at home, Pandit Ji can also advise on Live Stream from his location to replicate Pujan sitting at home. Om Namah Shivay 

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