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Shri Maha Rudrabhishek Puja


Shri Maha Rudrabhishek Puja :

A body smeared with ash, a tiger skin, a crescent moon, a snake around the neck, the third eye, matted hair, river Ganga flowing from the hair, a trident in one hand, a dumroo in the other, sometimes consumed in a cosmic dance and sometimes sitting still like a rock.

Shiva is life, Shiva is potential for life, Shiva is all encompassing - the universal soul or consciousness. Realising this Shiva Tattva leads to Ananda or bliss.


It is one of the most significant and popular ceremonies to please Lord Shiva and is seen as the greatest spiritual puja in all the Vedic scriptures

It is worshipped to please Shiva by offering holy bath to Shivalinga with various liquids and offering prayers. By this, mitigation of the sins of many births leads to happiness and prosperity.

Rudrabhishek is performed to invoke Rudra (Rudra is sacred name of Lord Shiva), the most powerful cosmic force mentioned in the Vedas. Rudra is the protector of his devotees and destroyer of the evil forces. . Performing this puja bestows one with health, wealth and happiness and offers protection against enemies, negativity, and evil.

Rudrabhishek with milk brings happiness and prosperity and free you from diseases.

Shiva ji is happy with even water. Water causes rain. Spiritual peace is found. All financial problems end.

 Kushodak gets rid of diseases.

Sugarcane juice gives you wealth.

Comes full of honey.

Ghee gives real estate.

 Rudrabhishek of Shiva lingam in the form of Lord Shiva with the water of pilgrimage brings salvation

Precaution to be taken while performing Rudrabhishek. Make sure you fast throughout the day.

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