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Thila Homam and Pithur Dosha


Tila Homam, also spelled Thila Homam, is the most powerful Vedic ritual performed with ‘Til’ or ‘Ellu’ to provide relief to one's self which has occurred due to Pithru Dosha. Homam/Haavan to Agni while chanting mantras is the main ritual undertaken by a very experienced Pandit. Thila Homam is mainly performed after offering Bali Tharpanam to ancestors. Once the Til are offered, Bhagwan Surya is worshipped in Kalasha and Mandala. This is followed by the chanting of the Gayatri mantra and Pitru Dosha mantras, Kalasha, Phala, and Ajya Daanas (offerings) followed by Yama Raja Pooja and Homam. Finally, this ritual gets concluded with Panda Pradanam (Bali Tharpanam – offerings of the rice ball, sesame seeds.

Since this is a detailed Pujan, an experienced Priest is an absolute must. The main reasons for Pithru Dhosham (Pitru Dosha) are incomplete and incorrect ways rituals have been performed of our forefathers which has resulted in such a crisis. Similarly, Pitru Dosham may happen if anyone of the family members may have died in accidents or unnaturally and the departed soul has not moved to its next journey.

According to various Purans, it is referred that if any ancestors up to the fourth generation on the mother’s side and up to the seventh generation on the father’s side may have died at an early age or have had an unnatural death, the current generation may have been suffering from Pitru Dosha.

To remove this Pithur Dosha we need to perform Thila Homam ritual correctly and satisfy our ancestors and obtain blessings.

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