Baba Bhootnath Temple, Kolkata

Shri Bhootnath Baba Temple, Kolkata is one of the most famous temples designated to Lord Shiva.He is associated with all the spirits and bhoots hence the name The Lord Baba Bhootnath. Hindus rever Him as He is known to calm down the spirits and save the living. All visiting the Shri Bhootnath Baba Temple take Prasad as the most sacred offering.This Shri Bhootnath Baba Temple is the ultimate destination to visit during the Shivratri season when Bhootnath Baba Himself is His fullest avatar. It is a spectacle worth watching and is a must visit place for any tourist visiting Bengal.  

History of the Temple 

The Shri Bhootnath Baba Temple, Kolkata is the temple built to honor Lord Bhootnath Baba in the year 1527 by Raja Ajber Sen. It is believed that the Shri Bhootnath used to visit the crematory ground in the dark and cover himself in ashes of the departed souls. People throng here to fulfil their wishes.

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Baba Bhootnath Temple, Kolkata

MTI Personnel,Bhootnath

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