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Pandit Binod Kumar Sharma, Shimla


He is the Chief Priest of Sankat Mochan Temple dedicated to Lord Hanumanji located amidst  lush green tranquils of Shimla. The temple established in 1950 has been started in association of Panditji's family members who were all priests. Panditji also does puja and yagnas for the dieties of Lord Rama and other gods of the Hindu pantheon.
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About Location

Sankat Mochan, Shimla
Sankat Mochan temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla, which is located amid the lush green and tranquil locals of Himachal Pradesh.Tourists visit this temple to pay obeisance to the deities of Lord Rama and other notable gods of the Hindu pantheon.

This spiritual destination is located approximately 5 kilometers away from Shimla and it is the second most popular tourist spot after Jakhu Temple.The temple, which was established in the year 1950, was the result of an initiative taken by the noted religious figure-Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj, who was amazed by the beauty of the place.

He stayed in the deep dark woods for ten days and decided to establish a Hindu temple on the location. This majestic temple houses the deities of Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, and Hanuman.

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