Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain

The Shri Mahakal Temple, situated in the ancient city of Ujjain on the side of the Rudra Sagar Lake in the state of Madhya Pradesh, continues to be one of the most sacred and outstanding places of pilgrimage for Hindus till date. The resting place of Lord Shiva, the temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which are considered to be the sacred dwelling place of the Lord. Even in the present era, the temple continues to provide the visitor with an altogether unique and unmatched peace of mind and composure. The Mahakal Temple complex is a spacious courtyard with sculptural finesse and sophistication that is influenced by Maratha, Bhumija and Chalukya styles of structural design and is complete with impressive lingams of Mahakaleshwar, Omkaresvara and Nagachandresvara and images of Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati. A number of religious festivals and celebrations also take place here every year and are celebrated with great fervour. Other than these, the Bhasma-Aarti of the temple is a ritual ceremony that is a must see for all.All rituals, including Puja-Archana and Abhishekaarati, are regularly performed in the temple all year round. The main festivals celebrated here are:

1. Nitya Yatra: In this ritual, the participatory devotee, referred to as the Yatri, takes a bath in the holy Sipra and then visits Nagachandresvara, Kotesvara, Mahakalesvara, goddess Avantika, goddess Harasiddhi and Agastyesvara for Darshana.

2. Sawari (Procession): The sacred procession of the Almighty passes through the streets of Ujjain on every Monday for some particular time periods. The last Sawari that takes place on the dark fortnight of the Bhadrapada especially draws the attention of lakhs of people and is celebrated with great pomp and show. The procession during the Vijayadashami festival is equally exciting and attractive.Darshan early morning is known as BHASMA ARATI where traditional attire is a must. Dhoti for men and saree for women are the strictest dress norms for entering the temple premises in the morning. ''My Tirth India' will ensure the attire required for a devotee to enter the temple will be made available at 3 in the morning. Our person will wait for you. Aadhar/ Pan card copy has to be provided to us a day in advance for registering devotees for witnessing the Bhasma Arati puja.

This apart Jal Avishek which allows the Bhakt to pour milk and water over Lord Swayambhu, comes at a cost of 1500 per head, tickets available from the temple premises can be bought in advance by our staff of 'My Tirth India' stationed at Ujjain.

Normal Darshan services can also be provided by our pandits and brahmins at Mahakaal Mandir Ujjain for any devotee. Food available around the temple premises is strictly vegetarian.

Make your visit to this pious location a trip to remember with 'My Tirth India' . We are here to serve you.

Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain

Pandit Vipul Chaturvedi, Ujjain

He is a reputed Priest at Mahakal Jyotirling Temple. He has a very pleasant personality. He does Jal Avishek, Bhasma arti, Rudra avishek etc. The price range starts from 1950.00 for Rudra avishek, this includes temple charges of Rs.1500.00 and pandit fees. For other details and Pujas please arrange for a call back. we are here to serve you.
My Tirth India, India's first all inclusive religious pilgrimage and darshan site assures you of  personalised attention whenever you decide to visit this spectacular location. The price includes assistance into the holy place and VIP darshan For Special Pujas, Hotels, Travel and all other assistance please arrange for a call back.We are here to serve.




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