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Sadashiv Panda,Loknatha


He is a respected Panda and incharge of Bimala Temple inside Jagannath Temple. Bimala Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeth. My Tirth India, India's first all inclusive religious pilgrimage and darshan site assures you of  personalized attention whenever you decide to visit this spectacular location. For Special Pujas, Hotels, Travel and all other assistance please arrange for a call back. 



About Location

Lord Loknatha Temple, Puri
Close to Jagannath Temple lies the 11th century Loknatha temple in the town of Puri, India dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to history the lingam in this temple was established by Lord Rama. The unique feature is that the Lord Shiva (Shivalinga) is always under water which substantiates the legend that Goddess Ganga flows through the top of the Shivalinga as a stream.

The Saranti Somavar Fair is celebrated with great fanfare, the devotees believe that the Shivalinga has powers to cure diseases after seeking the darshan of Lord Shiva. The Utsava Murti of Loknatha is kept inside the Jagannath temple, Puri. He is the guardian deity of all the treasures and jewellery of Lord Jagannath. This temple is one of the five famous Shiva Temple of Puri.

Devotees who wish to see it can do so on the night before the Sivaratri, that is, on 'Pankadhar Ekadasi', when all the water is drawn out so that devotees can worship the Linga.

The divine grace of Lord Loknatha is believed to remove pain and anguish, and people suffering from various fatal diseases have been found to be cured here through prayer. 

Make your visit to this pious location a trip to remember with  'My Tirth India'.  We are here to serve you .

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