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Vinod Kumar Singh , Durga Temple



Vinod Kumar Singh is a resident of Varansi. He is working as a news editor for Hungama News , having 15 years experience in this field. He will be there to serve and assist you on your visit to the Holy and mystic land of Varanasi.My Tirth India, India's first all inclusive religious pilgrimage and darshan site assures you of personalized attention whenever you decide to visit this spectacular location. The price includes assistance into the holy place. For Special Pujas, Hotels, Travel and all other assistance please arrange for a call back. We are here to serve.



About Location

Durga Temple, Varanasi
The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It was built in the 18th century. Durga temple was constructed by a Bengali Maharani. An attractive pond known as the Durga Kund is made on the right side of the temple which increases the beauty of the temple. The pond has stone stairs at all sides as well as there is watch pillars at each corner of the pond.

Millions of Hindu devotees visit the Durga temple in the Navratri and other propitious occasions and pray to the Goddess Durga to complete their wishes. It is considered that Durga Mata always protects the Varanasi from problems.

According to legends, the present statue of Goddess Durga was not made by man but appeared on its own in the temple. The Durga temple is also called Monkey temple because of the presence of large number of monkeys. In Hinduism, Durga is represented as the embodiment of shakti or female power, clad in red, riding a tiger and fully armed with Shiva's trident, Vishnu's discus and a sword. Non-Hindus can enter the courtyard of the Durga temple but not the inner sanctum.

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