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Dilwara Temple , Rajasthan

Dilwara Temple , Rajasthan

Dilwara Temple , Rajasthan

The temple is the most beautiful pilgrimage site for the Jains situated amidst the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. The temple was constructed by VastupalaTejpal between the 11th and 13th centuries. The temple is famous for its intricate carvings and adorned with marble from every corner.

This temple looks very common from outside, but when you see this temple from inside, you will be surprised to see the designs on its roof, walls, arches and pillars. It is not just a pilgrimage place for Jains but a magical structure made of marble which compels the tourists to take dilwara temple darshan package again and again.

If you are going to visit Dilwara temples, then tell you that Mount Abu has good weather throughout the year. Although the months of April to June are hot. But the monsoon and winter season make this place a great place to visit. Because it is neither very cold nor very rainy.

Marble temples that are shown to visitors in dilwara temple darshan tour have an opulent entrance door, the simplicity of the architecture that reflects values ​​such as Jain honesty and frugality. The temples are in the middle of a chain of wooded hills. A high wall envelops the temple complex. Although the Jains made many beautiful temples in places like Rajasthan, some believe that none can beat them in terms of architectural perfection. The ornamental detail extends over the carefully carved ceilings, doors, pillars and panels is simply wonderful.

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