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The grace of Lord Krishna resides in the holy Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir, an important pilgrim destination in the state. It is located in Khatu village of Sikar district at a distance of about 80km from the capital city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. According to legends, Ghatotkacha's son, Barbarika is manifested at this site of Khatu Shyam Ji. The Mahabharata epic mentions the incident, where Barbarika had obliged Shri Krishna by giving the sacrifice of his head. Extremely happy with Barbarika's devotion Krishna granted him with the boon, according to which Barbarika would be known by Krishna's name, Shyam Ji in the kali yuga and would be worshipped in his form.
It is believed that taking his name with true devotion removes all troubles and difficulties in life. After the Mahabharat battle, the head of Barbarika was buried in Khatu village in the Sikar district. It was only in the 11th century, the Kal Yug as Lord Krishna had said, the head was discovered by the locals. Roop Singh Chauhan the then king of Khatu had a dream to build the temple and install the Sheesh as an idol there. Temple was initially built in 1027 AD by Roopsingh Chauhan and his wife Narmada Kanwar. The temple was renovated later and the present structure was built in the 18th century.
The magnificent temple architecture is built in pure white marble with lime mortar and tiles. The inner sanctum has the idol enshrined in the form of the head that appeared in the holy pond of Shyam Kund. The window shutters of the inner sanctum are covered with silver sheets. The prayer hall is outside, with beautiful paintings depicting puranic legends. Temple hall is called Jagmohan. The Shyam Bageecha, is the garden of the temple in front of the temple entrance, from where the flowers are picked for puja offerings. The temple complex also has Gaurishankar and a Gopinath temple along with a Shiva lingam. Temple is highly revered by people from far and near. Khatu Shyam Ji is the kuldevta of many families of the region.


  • 5:30 am-1 pm
  • 4:30 pm-9 pm (Winter) 4:30 am-12:30 pm
  • 4 pm-10 pm (Summer)


  • Kota Junction Railway Station
  • Jaipur International Airport
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