Ranakpur Temple Udaipur

Ranakpur Temple Udaipur

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The mysterious Jain temple of Ranakpur attracts not only connoisseurs of beauty and lovers of exotic, but also supporters of the theory of paleo contact. The walls of the temple are decorated with symbols of the "star chariot". And the legends associated with him speak of the gods who flew on the "flying chariot" along the "star path".

The eyes of the statues of the gods seem to glow. Jains believe that the energy of God can be transmitted to believers through the eyes. Countless treasures are kept in the hiding places of Ranakpur today: precious stones donated by the Maharajas and jewellery as well as gold and silver coins, utensils made of precious metals - offerings of devout.

All the temples of Ranakpur, including a masterpiece of Jain architecture, are open to visitors from 9 to 17 hours. Entrance to the temple is free. But you have to pay for photography: the price changes from year to year. If possible, women should take scarves to their heads and long skirts with them, and men - trousers. If not, you can buy scarves at the temple. Do not miss the opportunity to see the mysterious and magnificent Ranakpur! India honors this temple as one of its main shrines.

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