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Rani Sati Temple, JhunJhunu

Rani Sati Temple, JhunJhunu

Rani Sati Temple, JhunJhunu
Located in Jhunjhunu, Rani Sati temple in Jhunjhunu it is one of the magnificent temples in India. The temple enjoys the distinction of being one of the ancient pilgrimages in the country. The temple is a historic and unprecedented work of genius that requests a special visit. Devotees offer their prayers and puja everyday almost ritualistically. Jhunjhunu Rani Sati Temple is the primary example of secular thoughts of India as followers of all sects and faith worship Shri Rani Sati Ji with equal piety, devotion and unwavering faith.

On the occasion of Bhado Amavasya or the no-moon day a sacred Pujanutsav is held in Jhunjhunu. Millions of devotees gather at the temple complex every year on this auspicious day and stand in queue to get a glimpse of the majestic Shri Rani Satiji. The most characteristic feature of Jhunjhunu Shri Rani Sati Temple is that there is no statue or image of any female or male Gods. A trident in the form of power and force is worshipped, which as per the Hindu religion, is the supreme might.

A splendid portrait of the Rani Sati Ji is locateda in the Pardhan Mand with the imposing Shikhar. The entire structure is done in white marble. The main Temple of Shri Rani Satiji is the place for the main sanctum sanctorum. The temple is graced with murals which exemplify the savagery it withstood when invasions happened. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple premises.

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