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Shirdi Sai, Shirdi

Shirdi Sai, Shirdi

Shirdi Sai, Shirdi
Shirdi Sai Baba is a persona who was a spiritual saint. During the lifetime of Sai baba he never discriminated people based on their caste, creed and religion and same is followed till date .  His teachings combined excerpts from Hinduism and islam. He followed and taught the devotees about love towards humanity, helping others, forgiveness, contentment and inner peace. 
Located in the state of Maharashtra , Shirdi Sai temple is a shrine of Sai baba . It is counted among the major places of pilgrimage. The atmoshphere here makes you spellbound with sound of lingering chants. Thursdays are treated as special days in the shrine as it is depicted as a day of “Guru”.  The temple records an average visit of 25000 devotees a day and during festivities it reaches 100000 or more.  The temple is managed by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust. The interior and exterior of the temple is covered with gold with intricate carvings. The statue of Sai baba is draped with royal cloth and a glorious gold crown. Inside the temple old brick structure can be seen adorned with fresh flowers. 
Sai baba  is revered as incarnation of Sri Dattatreya and referred as Saguna Brahma by his devotees. He emphasized the importance of relinquish to the name of ‘Guru’  towards the path of spiritual awakening and divine consciousness. Sai baba is no less than God to his disciples, he performed miracles and helped his disciples in other miraculous ways  during his lifetime. He maintained an ambivalent identity. He quoted texts from Bhagvad gita, Ramayana, as well as islam and other scriptures. 
The Samadhi mandir  is the primary place of worship for devotees. Apart from this temple,  Khandoba temple the shrine of a regional deity who was worshipped by Sai baba himself , is present inside the Temple premises.  There is a mosque where Sai baba spent most of his life, a Neem tree where Sai baba’s guru remains entombed.  The temple houses a museum  which exhibits the things Sai baba used during his lifetime.
The Sai baba temple is famous for granting of desires and healing. Ailing devotees come here in the hope that they shall heal. The sanctified ash distributed at the temple is believed to have miraculous relieving properties. Before his demise Sai baba said he will be there for his devotees always and promised to bless them and live in the tomb.
Other places of attraction near Shirdi Sai temple are some of these :-
Shani shingnapur  temple  is referred as alive temple.  There is a Black stone in the premises and it is believed that shani dev resides within it till date. Shani  dev is trusted to  have emerged himself in the form of black stone, that is why he is called “Swayambhu” and attracts lakhs of devotees throughout a year.
Lendi Baug is a garden where Sai baba used to spent leisure time and water the plants. There is a belief that once Sai baba lit a diya under a neem tree, it burns from dusk to dawn till today and the place is called as “ Deepgraha”.
Gurusthan located at a distance of  14km from the main town is the place where Sai baba was first spotted as a 16 year old boy.  The shrine here has a statue of Sai baba placed with a Shivalinga and Nandi bull.
The temple offers immense peace, spirituality and positive vibes. Let us make your journey to this holy place a psychic experience with My Tirth India. 

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