Vaishno Devi Online Prasad Booking And Home Delivery

Shri Maa Vaishno Devi Online Prasad Booking And Home Delivery

Vaishno Devi Mata is also recognized as Mata Vaishnavi, Trikuta, and Mata Rani. She is a demonstration of Goddess Maha Kali (Goddess of death, time, and judgment-day), Goddess Maha Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), and Goddess Maha Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge). The universe famed Vaishno Devi Temple is located in the Trikuta ranges of Jammu And Kashmir. Vaishno Devi Temple is known to be one of the most cherished Hindu pilgrimages of India and is, therefore, visited by people all over India as well as foreign countries. The world-famous cave temple of Vaishno Devi is the dwelling of Goddess Shakti or Goddess Parvati, accompanying 33 more Hindu Gods.

The great temple of Vaishno Devi Mata is visited by crores of devotees each year. You can imagine the popularity and importance of this temple encompassing the lives of devotees! The underlying faith of people for the Goddess is astounding as dawn, day, dusk, and night, devotees queue up for getting Darshan of Mata.

Outbreak Of COVID-19 Affecting The Temple: 

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, strict procedures are being followed everywhere. Particularly, the outburst of this virus has resulted in the temporary shutting down of all religious places, including Vaishno Devi Mata Mandir for people visits. But, the good news is that now you get the option of offering your puja Online. The package also includes the home delivery facility of the legendary Prasad to ensure a proper Vaishno Devi experience.

These measures are taken to ensure that you get the best puja experience, just like the previous times. However, the only difference will be that the Puja will be performed online. We promise that you will not regret booking a puja as it will only prove beneficial for you and your family members.

Now, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you will not want to miss out on!

Steps To Follow To Book A Online Prasad / Puja:

All you need to do is book a puja online and then relax and leave it in the hands of the Shrine Board.

  1. Open any web browser and search for Shree Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s web page. Click on it.
  2. Then, request for a puja.
  3. There are three packages accessible, each with different prices- one for Rs. 500, one for Rs. 1,100, and another for Rs. 2,100. Select a particular package and book a puja.

You are all done, now you can relax!


The Vaishno Devi Mata Temple rests calmly on the Trikuta Mountains of Jammu. Millions of people come here every year to seek the blessings of Maa. The number of foreigners seen in the temple is also extraordinary.

Though not allowed to visit the temple due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Puja can be seen live just because of the facilities made available. So, if you get a chance to be a part of this beautiful Vaishno Devi puja experience, do not miss it. We promise; it is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Also, check our Online Prasad and Online Puja for other Indian Temples.

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How your Zodiac Sign is affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic?

How your Zodiac Sign is affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Today in this article, we will discuss how your Zodiac Sign is affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic? The COVID-19 pandemic has evidently brought considerable disruption in our everyday lives. The beginning of 2020 marked the advent of the Pandemic. Firstly, it was believed that this coronavirus outbreak would last for a few months, but no one thought that it would be two years and still going. Millions have lost their lives and don’t know how many millions more, are expected.

Due to this pandemic, the human race as a whole is concerned about their future and existence. Every day seems like a mystery where we have no clue about what to do with our lives. We all are eager to have someone to guide us through these tough times.

But with the helping hand of your zodiac sign, determining your condition during this pandemic makes life easier to live and provides just the necessary optimism to boost. The influence of the virus is entirely different on the various zodiac signs. As each character has its own separate identity and personality, the virus has completely different consequences too. For some zodiac signs, the life before and during the corona-virus outburst will remain the same. But for the other astrological signs, there may be a humungous change in their professional and personal lives.

Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic in Your Life Based On Zodiac Sign:

 There are different influences of the corona-virus outbreak on the lifestyle of various Horoscopes.

  1. Aries

The course of the COVID-19 pandemic will lead you in making essential agreements or decisions in a hurry. Therefore, you need to overcome any events which would make you indulge in crucial choices speedily. If you fail to do so, those hasty decisions would only result in distress and disaster.

  1. Taurus

During the pandemic, you need to follow the usual rules of society to survive adequately. Any changes from the usual routine of your life should be avoided at all costs. All you need to do is just go with the flow. Do not try to force yourself to follow a specific path. Try not to adopt any new changes as they can prove to be hazardous for you.

  1. Pisces 

You are likely to attain a work opportunity from an unknown source, which will genuinely help you maintain financial stability. This opportunity will only help you in maintaining your financial position without any improvement. Basically, it will be enough for daily necessities. Just remember that this opportunity will not come from a familiar source but an unidentified one.

  1. Gemini 

During the pandemic, there is likely to be a situation where it will become vital for you to make decisions right away or within a short period. Remember that if you fail to decide within the given time, things are likely to turn against you.

  1. Virgo 

There is some excellent news for the Virgo zodiac sign; the pandemic is likely to bring you good luck! A perfect work opportunity is expected to present itself, which will promise you immense financial success. If you want to start something new, now would be the ideal time to do so. This is because your new endeavors are likely to be long-term and make you achieve excellent results.

  1. Scorpio 

You are most likely to be financially stable during the pandemic, and there is no need to make any changes. If you tend to lend money to someone, make sure that you have enough for your survival. Else, you will do perfectly fine if you go with the flow.

  1. Libra 

The course of the COVID-19 pandemic will interest you to form a group or alliance to be of financial benefit. Any group work you take up will only allow you to be one step closer to success and promote monetary profits.

  1. Cancer 

The best advice for Cancer during this pandemic is to catch hold of your emotions. To attain success in any sector, be it relationships or finances, you need to learn how to control your emotions.

  1. Leo 

The pandemic will lead you to believe that it takes a long time to attain your goals. We advise you to put in a little more effort, keeping this thought at bay. If you do this, all your endeavors are likely to succeed.

  1. Sagittarius

During this pandemic, you will likely establish some connections, which will be financially beneficial for you. Even old contacts can help you save the day. These connections are very vital for you to yield financial success.

  1. Capricorn  

You should spend your money only on bare necessities. Any reckless spending can lead to substantial financial trouble.

  1. Aquarius

During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you find yourself amid difficult financial situations, advice or help from someone can help you out. But if you keep in mind the suggestions made by that able and sound person, you can become financially stable.

The Final Cry

The coronavirus outbreak has proven to be a challenging time for everyone. But if you keep in mind the facts stated above about every sign and how they should deal with some difficult situations, you can adequately get through this pandemic without a doubt. So stay safe and take care.


Marriage Horoscope by Love Marriage Specialist

Marriage Horoscope by Love Marriage Specialist!

Will Your Marriage Be Love Or Arranged? Know It All By Marriage Horoscope

People belonging to today’s generation are very keen to know about their future by marriage horoscope. We all want to learn whether it is our parents or us who shall choose the person we are meant to spend the rest of our lives with. Today, love marriages are becoming very common as we all are attaining true freedom in society and are likely to make our own decisions. But, in some families, arranged marriages occur, and family members select suitable spouses. Every person has a different perspective on marriage- some may prefer arranged marriages while others find it convenient to fall in love with the person of their choice before taking the final step.

Marriage Horoscope

Marriage Horoscope is the best answer to their marriage-related questions. With the help of marriage Astrology, any person can determine their nature of marriage and even the type of relationship with their respective spouses. We can also procrastinate that in marriage Astrology is a miracle provided to this world as it tells us about our after-marriage problems and suggests solutions to the same. Most importantly, it provides inputs on whether the couple shall be good for each other.

Love Marriage

Love Marriages have become extremely common in our country. Due to modern society, almost every youngster has been granted the freedom to earn their living and choose their life partners.

This allows the soon-to-be partners to interact socially and get to know each other better.

With the help of a love marriage specialist, you can easily determine actual marriage predictions with the help of a detailed study of various houses and planets.

Arranged Marriage

According to the arranged marriage process, the parents’ decision is said to be primary while that of the partners is said to be secondary. In Indian society, the head of the family makes decisions regarding the spouse of their offspring.

The decision is primarily taken based on the husband-to-be’s education level, income criteria, and fitness. The rest secondary basis of the selection of the groom is his family’s social status. Then, usually, the wedding is finalized with the advice of a marriage horoscope.

Concept Of Love Marriage In Marriage Horoscope

According to Marriage Horoscope, the 5th House is considered for Love, and the 7th House is for marriage. To initiate a love marriage, there must be a connection of the 5th House and 5th House Lord (Love) with the 7th House and 7th House Lord.

The placement of Venus, Mars or the Moon on the 7th House will allow marriage with your choice of partner. Given that the 7th House lord 1st, 5th, or 12th House, you are likely to get married to a person you have known for a long time.

If the planet of Love, Venus, is found to be placed in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th House, you will have a love marriage.

If Moon is placed in the 5th, 7th, or 12th House, you will likely have a love marriage with your loved person.

According to a love marriage specialist, if Moon is found to be under the aspect of Venus or Mars, it symbolizes attraction to the opposite sex, and thus love marriage can occur with your preferred person.

The Concept Of Arranged Marriage In Vedic Astrology:

The ultimate determinatives of marriage are the 7th House and 7th Lord- Venus for males and Jupiter for females. If the planets are dominant, powerful, and positioned perfectly, the marriage will be imminent and destined. Other than the 7th House and 7th Lord, the 11th House and 11th Lord, and the 2nd House and 2nd Lord must also be well-studied. If the Lords of these three houses are somewhat related to the Sun/Moon, you will have an arranged marriage decided by your parents. If the Lords of these houses are connected, your marriage will be a success.

Parents will arrange your marriage if the planet Venus is somewhat linked with the 4th House (or its Lord) or 9th House (or its Lord). Also, you are likely to have an arranged marriage if planet Venus is in any relation with the Sun/Moon.

According to the marriage horoscope, female horoscope should be considered by studying the strength of Mars.

Provided that the Lords of the 2nd, 7th, and 11th Houses are linked with the 4th House (or its Lord) or 9th House (or its Lord), you will have an arranged marriage. Also, if the Lords of these Houses and Venus are connected with other favorable planets, parents will arrange the wedding.

If Lords of 2nd, 7th, and 11th Houses are linked with Mars, arranged marriage will happen with the brother’s assistance. If these Lords are connected with Jupiter, it will occur with the help of an older family member. However, if the Lords of these three houses are associated with Mercury, marriage happens with the assistance of a maternal relative.

Finishing Up

With the help of a marriage horoscope, one can easily determine whether they will have a love marriage or arranged marriage. By following the facts given above, you can easily ensure whether your soul-mate will be brought into your family by your parents or yourself. So a big thank you to the Indian Vedic Sciences – the Science of Astrology which discerns life of choosing the correct partners.


Importance Of Grah Pravesh Puja

Importance Of Grah Pravesh Puja Indian House warming Tips & Rituals

Grah Pravesh is known to be a welcoming function to commemorate an individual or a family entering their new house for the first time. The Grah Pravesh Puja is carried out in several stages and is an initiating new house-entering ceremony. It is believed that this ‘act of worship is vital for them. This is because ‘Online Grah Pravesh Puja’ is supposed to drive off forces of evil and cleanse the new environment for the new incumbents to live in.

Celebration Of This Occasion On An Auspicious Day:

It is believed that the performance of GrahPravesh Puja on an auspicious day will bring in good fortune. Conducting this ceremony on a sunny day will make your and your family’s lives calm and trouble-free. Therefore, to live in your new home blessed and free from any struggles, it is always advised to perform this auspicious ceremony. As all Hindus are very particular about ‘Shubh Muhurta’, the ceremony is organized on auspicious days. Some of the best joyful moments to hold this ceremony include Akshaya Tritiya, Vasant Panchami, Dussehra (Vijayadashmi), and GudiPadwa. On the other hand, organizing this Puja on occasions like Holi, Uttarayana, Shraddha Paksha, and Uttarayana is not the ideal time to celebrate Griha Parvesh.

Importance Of Grah Pravesh Puja:

While choosing a new house to accommodate, we always look for factors or settings that can make the place exquisite and exceptional. We try to catch hold of the finest quality furniture, acceptable aesthetics, and the right kind of paint to make our home perfectly habitable. But while doing so, we often forget the most important part: keeping our living environment peaceful and free from evil forces and this can only be done by a ceremony as pious as a Grah Pravesh.

Grah Pravesh Puja holds immense significance in Hindu belief while entering a new home. It is vital to purify it from negative energy, affecting your lifestyle to a great extent. The performance of this Puja is essential to maintain true peace in your household, make the space alive, and promote a lively, happy environment. It is necessary to know that you and your family will be at maximum benefit if this ceremony is commemorated.

According to Vastu, a house comprises five key elements (The Sun, Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire). Whereas, The proper arrangement of these elements results in the establishment of good health, fortune, and happiness. Thus, the GrahPravesh ceremony is vital for everyone to promote good luck and health.

MTI Online Grah Pravesh Puja:

The facility of online or virtual Grah Pravesh has now been made available for everyone. Our team of experienced and qualified Pandits performs the Puja according to your preferred language and regional specifications. They take control of the entire ceremony’s process, including assigning the best-suitable Pandit, Puja Samagri, the right Muhurat, etc. Your only work is to book a puja and relax while you receive the best ceremonial experience. The Pandemic has expedited and quickened the process of acceptance of Online Grah Pravesh amongst all Hindus.

Tips For Organizing Online Grah Pravesh Puja For Your New Home:

  1. Always remember to organize the Grah Pravesh Puja on an auspicious day as it would be highly beneficial to your family and your new home environment.
  2. Clean your new house perfectly before the ceremony. Clean the floor surface using saltwater. This will help in adequately cleansing your home and purifying it.
  3. Always place your right foot first while entering the home.
  4. Decorate the main door using fresh flowers and mango leaves. This is because the door is also known as Simha Dwara and is the face of Vastu Purush. It would help if you also adorned the door with the symbol of Swastika, lotus, or go-Padma at both ends.
  5. Organize a Havan to cleanse the space and purify the surroundings.
  6. Decorate the floor with a beautiful Rangoli (using bright colors) as it is believed that rangolis invite Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity.

Winding Up:

Organizing Grah Pravesh Puja is always considered the top priority list for establishing a peaceful home environment. This ceremony is the top-notch solution for living in a struggle-free and calm environment. If done correctly, you will be able to get the maximum possible benefits of a healthy habitat. The calmness and feeling of positivity you will experience while stepping into your new home for the first time after the Puja is priceless and relaxing. Also, it is best to consult an experienced pandit about how to place your furniture according to Vaastu to help bring enhanced results. We promise; it will be helpful.

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2021 Date, Time & Significance

The Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra, the ‘Festival Of Chariots, is a joyous occasion of the Hindus who are devoted to ‘Lord Jagannath’ – The Supreme God. It is also known as Gundicha Yatra, Ghosa Yatra, Dasavatara Yatra and Navadina Yatra. The annual occasion is held at Puri, situated in Odisha, India. Every year on the second day of Shukla Paksha (the waxing cycle of the moon) of Ashadha Masha (the third month in the Odia calendar), people gather around to celebrate it.

This grand festival is considered to be one of the oldest of occasions to be celebrated in the world. Intricate descriptions of it can be found in Padma Purana, Skanda Purana, Brahma Purana, and Kapila Samhita. The deities worshipped in this great festival are Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra (Lord Jagannath’s brother), and Goddess Subhadra (Lord Jagannath’s sister), along with Sudarshana Chakra (the star wheel).

Description Of The Grand Festival: 

 The world-famous Jagannath Rath Yatra celebrates Lord Jagannath’s yearly visit to Gundicha Temple. This is through Mausi Maa Temple (Motherly Aunt’s home), which is located near Saradha Bali in Puri.

During this festival, the three presiding deities in the Jagannath Temple– Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra, and Sudarshana Chakra, are brought out of the temple ceremonial parade and placed in their respective marvelous chariots. Millions of devotees then draw these chariots.

The Magnificent Chariots:

The grand chariots- Nandighosa, Taladhwaja, and Darpadalana, are built beautifully every year using wood of certain trees- dhausa, phassi, and many more. These chariots are purchased from the ex-princely state of Dasapalla. An exclusive group of carpenters buys them.

As followed for centuries, the three chariots stand on the Bada Danda, the Grand Avenue, and are decorated according to their particular scheme.

Destination Of The Chariots:

The glorious chariots travel to the Gundicha temple, located nearly two miles towards the North direction. While being on their way, Nandighosa (Lord Jagannath’s chariot) stops by the cremation area of a Muslim Devout, Bhakta Salabega, to pay respect.

While returning from the Gundicha Temple, the three chariots also stop by Mausi Maa Temple to pay their tribute. The deities are then offered the delicious Poda Pitha, a unique kind of pancake known to be the Lord’s favorite. After staying for a week, these chariots drawback the deities to their home. This brings an end to the glorious Rath Yatra.

Shri Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2021:

The Ratha Yatra, known as the ‘Festival of Chariots’, is considered one of India’s most joyous and glorious festivals. This grand festival includes pulling three chariots (Nandighosa, Taladhwaja, and Darpadalana) with three presiding deities (Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra) by devotees to Gundicha temple.

Date And Time:

This year, the Rath Yatra 2021 is to be held on 12th July 2021. However, it is scheduled to occur annually on the second day of Ashadha month (late June or early July).

Significance OF Shri Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra:

The annual Ratha Yatra is known to be among the most sought-after occasions to its devotees held in India. According to the people of India, there is no other parade as magnificent and eminent as this yearly Yatra. This glorious festival held every year holds great significance in the heart of devotees.

Devotees have a deep, religious desire to pull the ropes of the chariots carrying the Lords. This is because they believe that one who gets the opportunity to remove the ropes of the chariot gets all their sins erased by the Lord himself. It is considered lucky by all devotees to get a glance of the deities presiding in the chariots. This is because one glimpse of the Lords grants the blessing of a hundred horse sacrifices. In the previous times, this opportunity was made available only to the kings. Another fantastic fact regarding this festival is that even Non-Hindus and foreigners are permitted to visit the Gundicha temple and receive their blessings during this time of the year.


 The prestigious Jagannath Rath Yatra is considered amongst the prominent and hugely celebrated festivals among everyone across the world. All the devotees, even the non-Hindus and foreigners, come together to attend this joyous occasion. This is because it is believed that even a glimpse of the mighty Lords is enough to attain the boon of a hundred horse sacrificed. It is also thought that the pulling of ropes of this chariot allows you to destroy all the sins one has ever committed during their entire lifetime.

This magnificent celebration of at least ten days is enough to make everyone’s minds and hearts come to a peaceful alignment. Anyone who wishes to observe the grand Rath Yatra should do it at least once in their lifetime to attain peace of mind and paramount joy. We promise; you are bound to forget all your worries here when you engage in its serene hospitality and celebrations. So, why keep waiting? Plan for it now. Rathyatra is around the corner.


7 Facts About Ambubachi Mela At Kamakhya Devi Temple

7 Facts About Ambubachi Mela At Kamakhya Devi Temple

The famous Ambubachi Mela is an annual Hindu Mela held to worship Goddess Kamakhya. It is a four-day festival held at the Kamakhya Temple situated at Guwahati, Assam. The Maa Kamakhya Devi Mandir is a very well-renowned temple across the world where Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped. 

This annual Mela is celebrated during the rainy season that falls in June, also known as Ahaar in Assam. 

Today, we will talk about many beautiful facts about this Mela that make devotees from all across the country throng to this temple every year.

The Festival Which Celebrates ‘Fertility of the Eternal Mother for Life on Earth’:

The great Maa Kamakhya Ambubachi Mela celebrates the annual menstrual cycle of Maa Kamakhya. Goddess Shakti goes through the menstrual phases during the days when the Mela is celebrated and hence the temple is closed for the pilgrims for a period of three days. Post this span of three days, various rituals are performed for hours to make sure that the Goddess retrieves her piousness.

7 Facts You Should Know About the Ambubachi Mela:

1. Another Name for This Mela

The spiritual Ambubachi Mela is also known as Ameti or Tantric Fertility Festival. Tantrics across the country assemble in massive numbers to offer Puja to Maa.

2. Traditional Belief

It is believed our Mother Earth is similar to the Power of Feminine. This is the reason why a woman’s womb is held in comparison with Kshetra for cultivation as new crop harvesting starts post-Ambubachi.

The folklore suggests that we all are children of Mother Earth and Ambubachi ushers in a new beginning.

3. Events Which Take Place During Three Days

The Kamakhya Temple is closed for three days during the Ambubachi Mela – during these three days, all the devotees come across certain restrictions. These restrictions include not reading any holy books, not performing any puja, and not cooking. These prohibitions are similar to those faced by women during their monthly menstruation period. 

4. Events Which Take Place After the Third Day

After completing three days, the temple doors are reopened again, and the devotees are allowed to enter the temple. Devotees then visit to seek the blessings of the Goddess, and Prasad is distributed among them. 

5. The Devotees

Many devotees come to visit the temple, seek the Goddess’s blessings and receive the special ‘Rakta Bastra’ another unique and extraordinary. Some Tantric Babas, who remain in isolation throughout the year, are available during the Kamakhya Ambubachi Mela. Several pilgrims ranging from ordinary people to the Sadhus come to attend this festival. Not only this, but a large number of foreigners also come to observe this great Mela.

6. Prasad Distributed

The Prasad is distributed during the fourth day of the Mela, after seeking Maa Kamakhya’s blessings, which is considered very special. It is distributed in two different forms- Angodak and Angabastra. The meaning of the work ‘Angodak’ is the ‘fluid part of the body. This refers to the ‘Water from the spring.’ The word ‘Angabastra’ means the ‘cloth covering the body.’ This refers to a piece of red cloth used to cover the yoni-shaped stone during the menstrual cycle of the Goddess. 

Similar To The Concept Of Mother’s Day In the US- The primary purpose of the Ambubachi Mela is to allow the Mother to initiate a new beginning, a new year. Since our Mother Earth serves us all year long, we must let Her rest. The theory and concept are similar to that of the celebration of Mother’s Day in the US. 


The Ambubachi Mela 2021 will start on 22nd June 2021 (Tuesday) and end on 26th June 2021 (Saturday). This means that the temple will close on 22nd June and reopen on 26th June. This festival will be celebrated on the temple premises itself. 

It is worth it to visit Maa Kamakhya Devi’s Temple during the Ambubachi Mela each year. An experience of a lifetime in itself. 

The Top 5 Temples in Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India and also one of the largest states with many temples. The Top 5 Temples in Uttar Pradesh are Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Vindyavasini Temple &Chandrika Devi temple. Uttar Pradesh has been the cradle of our civilization, comprising divine spirituality that has been slowly accumulated throughout the millenniums. It is quite fitting that devotees from around the world come to visit Uttar Pradesh to seek spiritual intervention. Uttar Pradesh is popular for its special attraction, especially for the Sanatan Hindu devotees. Mainly because it is the birthplace of two avatars of Lord Vishnu. One is Lord Ram and the other is Lord Krishna.

Apart from that, Varanasi is one of the oldest surviving cities in the world and it holds a special space in the hearts of the devotees of Lord Shiva. You will find that the most popular temple in Uttar Pradesh is the Prem Mandir and it is visited by thousands of devotees every single day. Yes, it is true that there are a lot of attractions to check out in Uttar Pradesh. However, a trip to Uttar Pradesh is not complete if you don’t visit the majestic temples. The beautiful temples with extraordinary architecture, the clings of temple bells, the intoxicating fragrances will make you feel the true heaven on earth.

In the following section of the blog, we are going to share the top 5 best temples in Uttar Pradesh. Rest assured, a trip to Uttar Pradesh is simply unforgettable.

Here are the top 5 temples in Uttar Pradesh

1. Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

There is no denying the fact that the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the religious history of the Hindus. The primary reason is, this temple is exactly where Lord Krishna was born. Mathura, which is the birth city of Lord Krishna, is on the banks of the river Yamuna. It is 145 kilometers from Delhi.

The city of Mathura is one of the most sacred cities to the Hindus because it hosts the highly revered temple of Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir. The temple is the place where Lord Krishna was born thousands of years ago. Apart from the temple, you can also visit the neighboring towns of Govardhan, Nandgaon, and Vrindavan. To experience the majestic Krishna Janma Bhoomi Temple, you can opt for the Mathura Vrindavan tour package from My Tirth India.

2. Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

Ayodhya is known as the birthplace of Lord Ram and there is also a specific place in Ram Kot where he was born. It is believed that this was the place where gods reigned on earth thousands of years ago. Lord Ram, who is also the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born there and he ruled his kingdom from this town.

Also, it is believed that the city was built by the gods. There is a small temple where Lord Ram was born and it is known as the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple. This place is highly regarded and a sacred place for the Sanatan Hindus and Vaishnavites. To experience the beauty of Ayodhya, you can opt for our Varanasi Ayodhya Vidyanchal tour package.

 3. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the best and most popular sacred temples in India. It is located in Varanasi which is one of the oldest cities and a highly pious pilgrimage site for the Sanatan Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is visited by thousands of devotees every year who come to offer their prayers. This is a Jyotirlinga site where Lord Shiva is enshrined in the form of Vishwanath of Visheshwara.

It is believed that Varanasi is the place from where the Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva flared towards heaven after it broke up from the earth’s crust. The one who worships Lord Vishwanath attains peace, happiness, and liberation from the chakra of rebirth. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the most salient temples in India and is considered highly reverent from the time of Upanishads and Puranas.

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is mentioned in the Puranas as Kashi Kanda of the Skanda Purana. There is a small well in the temple which is popularly known as the Jnana Vapi, also known as the “well of wisdom”. When you visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple at Varanasi, you cannot miss out on the aarti. Five different aartis are performed in the temple at five different times in the day.

To visit the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, you can opt for the Varanasi tour package.

4. Vindyavasini Temple 

When it comes to the top most important temples in Uttar Pradesh, you cannot miss out on the Vindyachal Temple, which is also known as the Vindyavasini Temple. The temple is located 8 kilometers away from Mirzapur on the bank of the River Ganges. Since the temple is located on the Vindhya mountain range, that is why it is known as the Vindyachal Temple. It is one of the holiest shakipeeths and it is believed that the trio of Goddess Kali, Goddess Durga, and Goddess Saraswati resides in the Vindyavasini temple.

One of the most important events is the ‘trikon parikrama’ where devotees from all over India visit the Vindyachal Temple. The Vindyachal Temple is dedicated to Vindyavasini Devi, who is popularly known as Kajala Devi. Goddess Kali is adorned in the avatar of Vindyavasini Devi. The months of Ashwin, Chaitra, and Jyestha are special times for visiting the temple and taking the darshan of Goddess Vindyavasini. To visit the Vindyavasini Temple, you can choose our Vindyachal Sitamarhi Prayagraj tour package.

5. Chandrika Devi temple

Present in the outskirts of Lucknow, the Chandrika Devi Temple is one of the oldest temples. It is built on the banks of the Gomti River. Therefore, you will experience a serene and soothing environment throughout the temple complex. A mesmerizing atmosphere prevails throughout the Chandrika Devi Temple. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandi and it is believed to be constructed thousands of years ago by the elder son of Lord Lakshman.

At present, the temple is a divine spot for numerous devotees who come to enjoy the spiritual aura and offer their prayers to Goddess Chandi. When you visit the Chandrika Devi Temple, you can opt for our Lucknow tour packages. Apart from the Chandrika Devi temple, you can also visit the Chakrateertha where Lord Brahma Manav Chakra struck planet earth. It is a kund or bathing place in the shape of Chakra revered by the Sanatan Hindus.

These are the top 5 best temples in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is blessed with a lot of extraordinary temples that encapsulate the true essence of spirituality. Every temple of Uttar Pradesh has a history and the state is nothing less than a spiritual magnet for Hindu devotees, learners.


Hindu Pilgrimage Places to Visit in India from February to April

Some of the best and most intriguing trips to the sacred Hindu pilgrimage destinations can be planned from February to April. This is the ideal time to plan a trip. The primary reason is, you won’t have to face the harsh winter conditions. This is the time when the cruel winter months welcome the warm and refreshing spring season. The best part is, a lot of cultural programs and festivals are celebrated in India throughout the months of February to April. Thus, in this blog, we are going to share the best Hindu pilgrimage destinations in India that you can visit from February to April.

  1. Kedarnath

Located in the snow-laden mountains of Uttarakhand, Kedarnath is truly India’s most visited Hindu pilgrimage destination. This is one of the iconic places amongst the Chardhams in Uttarakhand, not only for the Hindu devotees of India but to the people all over the globe. The mesmerizing beauty of Kedarnath, located in the lap of the Himalayas, attracts millions of pilgrims throughout the year.

However, the best time to visit Kedarnath is in the month of April. This is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Kedar is also another name of Lord Shiva. The beauty of the Kedarnath mountain range, the Kedarnath Temple, and the divine spirituality, will leave you awestruck. With so many mythological connotations associated with the place, this is an ideal Hindu pilgrimage destination. To visit the mesmerizing Kedarnath, you should opt for our customized Kedarnath tour package.

  1.  Shirdi

Shirdi, which is also known as Sainagar because it is the holy abode of the spiritual saint Sai Baba. It is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. February to April is a great time to enjoy a pilgrimage trip to Shirdi because you will have pleasant weather with sunny skies.

Shirdi is highly regarded for the Sai Baba Temple. The place glistens with sheer divine vibrations. You will love visiting the intricately crafted Sai Baba Temple. This is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage locations in India. The Ramnavami festival is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in April.

People from all over the country come to visit the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. It is an amazingly beautiful and sacred establishment created on the Samadhi of Shri Sai Baba. You can visit the Sai Baba Temple all around the year, but the best time is from February to April because of the festivities and pleasant weather conditions.

Avail of the Shirdi tour package to get the feel of one of the best Hindu pilgrimage sites in India.

  1.  Varanasi

Considered to be one of the holiest cities in India, Varanasi draws tourists throughout the year who seek spiritual awareness and liberation. Embark on a journey of spiritual awareness and divine freedom at Varanasi. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful temples. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple at Varanasi is the most popular temple devoted to Lord Shiva.

The temple is established at the heart of the city and My Tirth India offers the best Varanasi tour package for all age groups. You should not miss out on the Dashashwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, and Panchaganga Ghat. February to April is the best time to visit Varanasi because of the festivals on Mahashivratri and Holi.

  1. Dwarka

The capital of Lord Krishna’s Kingdom, Dwarka is one of the most ancient and prosperous Hindu cities. Also, it is one of the most important pilgrimage centers for the Sanatan Hindus of India and abroad as well. Located on the banks of the River Gomti, on the western coast of Gujarat, Dwarka is a beautiful pilgrimage site to cherish.

You will love exploring the magnificent temples and the serene beaches. The Dwarkadhish Temple is the major attraction at Dwarka. Make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing morning aarti. Also, the Somnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is close to Dwarka. The historic shore temple at Somnath is one of the twelve shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Opt for the Ahmedabad Dwarka Somnath tour package from My Tirth India to experience the beauty of this Hindu pilgrimage site.

  1. Puri

About 2 hours away from Bhuvaneshwar, Puri is a sacred pilgrimage town in India located along the Bay of Bengal. Puri, the home to the serene beaches, is also one of the most-visited pilgrimage locations and a Jyotirlinga site in India. You will love the majestic Jagannath Temple which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath.

If you are planning to take a trip to Puri, then you should choose the Puri Jagannath tour package. One of the most important aspects of the beautiful Jagannath Temple is the Ratha Yatra and you cannot miss that. It is a highly sacred temple to the Hindus. If you visit Puri during the months of February to April, you will experience pleasant weather with clear skies.

  1.  Tirupati

Tirupati is the holy pilgrimage location and the abode of Lord Shri Venkateshwara Temple. Sitting atop the beautiful Tirumala Hills it is considered to be an epicenter of spiritual devotion. Not only you will love the amazing temple of Tirupati Balaji, but you will also love the festivals. The Tirupati Festival is celebrated in the month of February. You will enjoy the pleasant days and night temperatures. Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Shri Venkateshwara, Srinivasa, and Balaji. If you have plans to visit the Tirupati Temple, then the best option is to use our Tirupati tour package.

  1.  Madurai

The ‘temple city’ of Madurai is a highly regarded and sacred Hindu pilgrimage destination in India. Also, this is one of the best places to visit during the months of February to April. This Hindu pilgrimage site draws pilgrims from far and near. You will love visiting the Hindu temples of Madurai and the festive celebrations.

If your goal is to embark on a soul-soothing pilgrimage tour, then Madurai is an incredible option. You will love the Chithirai Festival during the month of April/May and the Float Festival in the month of February. Most of the tourists want to visit Madurai from the months of February to April to experience the moderately cool temperatures and pleasant weather.

The primary places to visit in Madurai are the Meenakshi Temple, Koodal Azhagar Temple, and Kallazhagar Temple. To experience the majestic Madurai, use our Madurai tour package.

  1.  Guwahati

Located on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, Guwahati is a highly revered pilgrimage destination in India. The backdrop of the mighty Himalayas offers an exquisite scenario. Guwahati will steal your heart with the amazing ancient temples, stunning hills, tea plantations, and also diverse wildlife.

When you visit Guwahati between February to April, you will experience chilly yet pleasant weather which is perfect for sightseeing. You will love exploring the various temples of Guwahati while you delve deep into the spiritual sojourn of Guwahati. If you want to have a Hindu pilgrimage tour in India, Guwahati is an incredible location.

You can enjoy the Bihu festival in the month of April. The Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati is a prime attraction for the Sanatan Hindu pilgrims. The Kamakhya Temple resonates with the female power of Goddess Kamakhya who is also referred to as the Goddess ‘Shakti’. It is one of the most important Shakti Peeths in India. Opt for the Guwahati tour packages from My Tirth India for a memorable pilgrimage tour.

  1. Mathura

Popular as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, this is the most prominent one among the 7 holy cities for Hindus. Located along the Yamuna River, this is one of the most important pilgrimage sites. You will love exploring the majestic temples including the Prem Mandir, Krishna Janmasthan Temple complex, ISKON Temple, and the Dwarkdhish Temple. Also, you will see the beautiful Vishram Ghat and Keshi Ghat. To visit this iconic pilgrimage destination in India, you should choose Mathura tour packages from My Tirth India.

  1. Haridwar

Situated on the banks of the River Ganga, this sacred town in India is visited by millions of devotees every year. Haridwar is the gateway to the most prominent Hindu pilgrimage site, the Chardham in Uttarakhand. February to April is the best time to seek solace in the divine Haridwar.

Haridwar and Rishikesh together are the twin national heritage sites of India. The bustling lanes of Haridwar, the famous Har-Ki-Pauri Ghat, the ringing of bells, chanting of mantras, adorned with beautiful temples, the city of Haridwar is touched by the hand of God himself. If you want to experience the divine Haridwar, then you should choose the Haridwar Rishikesh Package.

  1.  Amritsar

As the home to the legendary Sikh Shrine, the Golden Temple, Amritsar will steal your heart with its beauty and divine spiritual aura. Being recognized as one of India’s most prominenet Hindu pilgrimage sites, you will love exploring the city. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is also known as the Harmandir Sahib, which means the Abode of God. This is the mecca of those who love this religion. Devotees from all over the world come to Amritsar to visit the divine and elegant Golden Temple. If you have plans to visit Amritsar, then you should opt for our Golden Temple tour package Amritsar.

  1. Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is popular as the home to the world’s largest Statue of Lord Shiva. It is a beautiful coastal town near the Arabian Sea. This spiritual town also offers unique fun activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Murudeshwar is another name of Lord Shiva and the Murudeshwar Temple is the primary attraction of this place. The temple is an ideal example of exquisite Indian architecture created by the Kings of Vijaynagar. The sacred 20 storied temple attracts tourists from all over the world. To visit the astonishing statue of Lord Shiva and the beautiful Murudeshwar Temple, choose our Murudeshwar tour packages.

  1. Thekkady

Kerala, which is also known as the ‘Gods Own Country’ is the home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenic beauties in the world. Thekkady and Munnar are the top highlights of the state. Nestled amongst the beautiful rolling hills and thick forests of Kerala, Thekkady is a place blessed with the boundaries of nature. It is just the right place for those looking to escape from the monotony of the buzzing city life. The best part of Thekkady is the thrilling wildlife encounters. If you are craving for a great vacation, then you should choose Thekkady. Opt for out Munnar Thekkady tour packages today!

  1. Mahakaleshwar-Omkareshwar

Being one of seven sacred Hindu cities in India, Ujjain is present on the banks of the Kshipra River. Ujjain is popular for its magnificent Kumbh Mela, the iconic Mahakal Temple, and the vibrant displays of Indian art and heritage. The Mahakaleshwar Temple is also known as the Shri Mahakal Temple located on the side of the Rudra Sagar Lake in Madhya Pradesh.

Popularly known as the resting place of Lord Shiva, this is one of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations for the Hindus. The temple is also one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. If you want to experience the magnanimous Mahakaleshwar Temple, opt for our Mahakaleshwar & Omkareshwar tour package.

These are some of the best Hindu pilgrimage destinations you can visit in India during the months of February to April. At My Tirth India, we offer the best tirth darshan facilities and services to ensure you have a seamless and remarkable experience throughout your trip.


The Top 10 Most-Amazing Temples in Uttarakhand Devbhoomi

Uttarakhand, which is also known as the Devbhoomi in India, is one of the most pristine destinations. The place of Uttarakhand is blessed with the divinity of spirituality. Devotees from all over the world want to visit the Devbhoomi for once in their lifetime, especially the Chardham. The Chardham Yatra is considered to be the most sacred pilgrimage tour in one’s life. Along with the magnificent temples, Uttarakhand is blessed with ecstatic wildlife and extraordinary scenic beauty.

The hill state is popular for being the abode of some of the supreme Hindu gods and goddesses. The state of Uttarakhand truly encapsulates the essence of spirituality. Every temple of Uttarakhand has a history of its own that will take you to the immemorial era of divinity. The state is nothing less than a spiritual magnet for the peace seekers and is highly revered by the devotees. Here are the top 10 most-amazing temples of Uttarakhand that are perfect for any Sanatan Hindu devotee seeking solace in the solitude of Mother Nature.

  1. The Kedarnath Temple

This is THE most popular pilgrimage destination in India and also one of the most popular Shaivism sites. The Kedarnath Temple resides at an elevation of 3,583 meters and it is located 223 km from Rishikesh. Located on the shore of the Mandakini River, the Kedarnath Temple boasts a brilliant stone architecture having a Mandapa and a Garbhagriha.

This is one of the prime spots where Lord Shiva is manifested in the form of a Jyotirlinga. It is believed that the temple is 1000 years old and is created with massive stone slabs. You can see the large statue of Nandi, that guards the temple from the outside. Due to harsh weather conditions, the portals of the temple are opened only between April to November.

If you have plans to visit the Kedarnath Temple, then you should opt for the Kedarnath Yatra tour packages from My Tirth India.

  1. The Badrinath Temple

The celestial town of Badrinath is located in the Chamoli district. The Badrinath Temple is one of the most sacred pilgrimage locations and highly revered amongst the four Dhams in India. The Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Located at a whopping altitude of 10,827 feet above sea level, the Badrinath Dham is one of the most important temples of Uttarakhand.

The shrine was created almost two centuries ago by the Kings of Garhwal. This is also one of the most crucial pillars of the Char Dham Yatra in India. Located near the river Alakananda, the Badrinath Dham remains full with the devotees of Lord Vishnu, who are also known as Vaishnavas. The ideal time to visit Badrinath is from May to June and from September to October.

The Badrinath Temple, surrounded by the snow-capped majestic Himalayas, also includes a deep forest. This is what makes Badrinath one of the most picturesque pilgrimage centers in India. If you are planning to visit the sacred Badrinath Temple, then My Tirth India can offer you the best and most comfortable Badrinath tour packages.

  1. Gangotri Temple

Located in the beautiful yet rugged terrains of Garhwal, the 18th Century Gangotri Temple is one of the holiest places in India. Residing at an impressive altitude of 3415 meters above sea level, the Gangotri Temple, located along the river Bhagirathi, is one of the major attractions of Gangotri Town.

The partially submerged Shivalinga along with the Shrine of Goddess Ganga attracts a plethora of devotees every year. Since the Gangotri Temple remains close in the winters, you have to plan your visit accordingly. To experience the majestic Gangotri, you can opt for our Gangotri Darshan package.

  1. Yamunotri Temple

The Yamunotri Temple, present in the Uttarkashi District, can be reached through a 5KM trek from the Jankichatti, located on the left bank of the Yamuna River. Created by the Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal, the Yamunotri Temple is one of the prominent pilgrimage sites among the Char Dhams. Also, this is the first place you visit when you go through the Char Dham circuit.

Dedicated to the Goddess Yamuna, the Yamunotri Temple resides in the western Garhwal Himalayas at a height of 3,291 meters. Being the second most holi river in India, the Yamuna originates in Yamunotri. The mesmerizing landscapes, the majestic mountains, and the hot springs of Surya Kund & Gauri Kund create a tranquil-filled atmosphere in the Yamunotri Temple.

To experience the extraordinary beauty of the Yamunotri, you can opt for the best Yamunotri tour package from My Tirth India.

  1. Dhari Devi Temple

The Dhari Devi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Dhari Devi who is believed to defend Uttarakhand from all external evil forces. According to the legends, the idol of Dhari Devi should not be kept under a roof, which is why the temple is kept under a clear sky. Goddess Dhari Devi is also a manifestation of Goddess Kali and is believed to be the protector of Chardham.

Devotees come here to worship Goddess Dhari Devi all around the year. However, during the Navaratri, the number of pilgrims increases a lot. The primary festivals observed in the Dhari Devi Temple are the Chaitra Navratri, the Ashwin Navratra, Dussehra, Deepavali, and Karthik Purnima. To visit the amazing Dhari Devi Temple, choose the Dhari Devi Darshan package.

  1. Haridwar Temple Visit

When it comes to the best temples in Uttarakhand, you have to visit Haridwar. The place of Haridwar means the gateway to heaven. Being one of the holiest places for the Hindus, Haridwar is full of a divine aura and spirituality. The number of devotees, the tingling of bells, chanting of names of Gods and Goddesses in the chorus, makes you feel the divine bliss of spirituality. The most significant element of Haridwar is the Ganga Arti performed at the Har Ki Pauri.

Apart from the extravagant Ganga Aarti at the Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar is also popular for the beautiful temples. Haridwar has numerous beautiful temples dedicated to different Hindu gods and goddesses. For instance, you can visit the Temple of Manasa Devi which is highly popular because she is considered to be the fulfiller of wishes for the people. You can walk up the hill or you can also use the ropeway. Next, you can visit the Maya Devi Temple present on the riverbank and the Chandi Devi Temple on the Neel parvat.

These are some of the most important temples of Haridwar. If you want to experience the magnificent beauty of Haridwar, you can choose our Haridwar darshan package.

  1. Rishikesh Temple Visit

Located on the banks of the river Ganga, the sacred city of Rishikesh offers a grand spiritual elevation. The name of the city of Rishikesh is done after Lord Vishnu. Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula are the two most important bridges in Rishikesh because it is believed that Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman crossed the Ganga through those bridges.

Being one of the most renowned spiritual centers of India, Rishikesh is dotted with a lot of temples. For instance, you should not miss out on the Neelkantha Mahadev Temple, present on the hill-top temple right on the ourskirts of the city. Also, you should visit the Tryambakeshwar Temple present on the banks of the river Ganga.

There is also the Bharat mandir which was created during the 12th century on the banks of the River Ganga. Inside the temple, you will find the idol of Lord Vishnu, which is made up of a single Saligram. If you have plans to visit one of the most cherished pilgrimage destinations in India, then you must visit Rishikesh once. Choose the Rishikesh Darshan package from My Tirth India to have a seamless experience.

  1. Jageshwar Temple

The Jageshwar Temple is located at an elevation of 1870 meters above sea level and it is 37 kilometers from Almora. This is not only an important tourist destination of India but also a sacred pilgrimage site. This is located amidst the Deodar forest with a stream flowing in the backyard. You will experience the beautiful Kumaoni villages and the deodar forests that make it a popular off-beat trek destination.

  1.  Tunganath Temple

This is the highest Shiva Temple in the world and the best part is, this temple is highly popular for the marvelous architecture. It is believed that the sacred temple is 1000 years old. The temple includes a North Indian temple architecture which is identical to the temples located at Kedarnath, Guptkashi, and Madhyamaheshwar. You will find a stone of Nandi created right outside of the temple premises and also there is an image of Lord Ganesha.

  1. Baleshwar Temple

When it comes to artistic excellence amidst the temples of Uttarakhand, you cannot miss out on the Baleshwar Temple. This magnificent temple is located in Champawat and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple features a South Indian architecture that comes in intricate stone carvings on the ceilings. Also, a unique feature of this temple is, it is listed as one of the National Heritage Monuments by the Government of India.

These are the top 10 most amazing temples in Uttarakhand. We urge you to visit the sacred Hindu destination of Uttarakhand to experience the beauty of such majestic temples where spirituality and divinity envelopes everything. A tour in any one of these temples in Uttarakhand will help you attain the mental solace and peace that you were longing for.


Top Places to Visit in Uttarakhand to make your 2021 Even Better

It can be said beyond any doubt that the alluring, captivating and intriguing Uttarakhand is a traveler’s delight. The undulating magnificence of Uttarakhand will leave an everlasting impression on every traveler while weaving through the picturesque landscapes, mesmerizing lakes, stunning glaciers, and mystical towns. The beautiful state, residing on the lap of the snow-capped Himalayas with the holiest of rivers and pilgrimage sites, offers a spiritual mystery.

Exploring and unraveling the layered beauty of this state will be an unforgettable experience for you. Especially, when you have got My Tirth India at your service! With a spiritual awakening, the snow-capped hills, and the meandering rivers, Uttarakhand is truly the heaven for nature lovers. Right from playing with the snow in Auli to visiting the incredible Jim Corbett National Park, an amazing adventure awaits for you and your family in Uttarakhand.

In the following section of the blog, we are going to share the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. Book a trip to Uttarakhand to get lost in the enchanting nature.

 What are the Best Places to Visit in Uttarakhand?

Chardham in Uttarakhand

When it comes to the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, the Chardham should be on the top. Chardham in Uttarakhand is the most revered and significant pilgrimage sites in India. It includes the Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. Residing among the serene heights of the Himalayas, these four pilgrimage sites are visited by Hindu devotees all over the world. Each of the four sites is dedicated to four Hindu deities. The Kedarnath is dedicated to Lord Shiva; Badrinath to Lord Vishnu, Yamunotri is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna, and Gangotri to Goddess Ganga.


The beautiful city of Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. It is one of the liveliest cities in India surrounded by the charming mountains of Mussoorie. It is also one of the most popular tourist places in India as well. When you are searching for places to visit in Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a must. Opt for an amazing helicopter tour to Chardham via Dehradun. It will be a remarkable experience to remember. Also, you must visit the beautiful Forest Research Institute campus in Dehradun. It is a very picturesque building.


Mussoorie in Uttarakhand is known as the “Queen of Hills”. This pretty hill station is located at a distance of 38 kilometers from Dehradun. Mussoorie town has a wide array of scenic views and amazing landscapes. This is ideally one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. While you are on your way to Mussoorie, do not miss out on the majestic Kempty Falls.


The charming spiritual town of Rishikesh is one of the places in Uttarakhand that you simply cannot miss. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand has a rustic touch and a highly positive spiritual energy. The beautifully crafted architectures of the ancient temples of Rishikesh make it a very popular place to visit in Uttarakhand. There are also a lot of activities to do. For instance, white water rafting is will be an exciting experience of a lifetime. Also, do not forget to visit the Beetles Ashram.


When we are talking about the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, Haridwar is undoubtedly the best of them. The gateway to the humble abode of Lord Shiva, Haridwar is the most visited place in India. A trip to Haridwar should be on your itinerary when you are visiting Uttarakhand. The Har Ki Pauri Ghat is a must-visit place at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Also, don’t miss out on the Brahmakhund. It is a popular place of arts and is visited by a myriad of devotees every year. Take a dip in the holy waters of the river Ganga and enjoy the magnificent boat ride in the evening.


The jewel residing in the crowd of unmatched beauty, Nainital is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand, especially in December. Nainital is also known as the lake city. Right from basking under the sun to experiencing a leisurely boat ride in the Naini Lake, there are a lot of things to do like camping, trekking, and ropeway. You can also visit the Eco Cave Garden, Nainital Zoo, and more. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you can trek to the Cheena Peak situated at 8568 feet. You can enjoy magnificent views of the Himalayas. The best time to visit Nainital in Uttarakhand is from November to February.


Auli in Uttarakhand is a magnificent hill station that offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan range. This is an interesting place to visit in Uttarakhand because it is also a popular Himalayan ski resort. Surrounded by coniferous and oak trees Auli is a snowboarding hub of India. Thus, it can be an exciting trip for your family and friends as well.

 Some Additional Places to Visit in Uttarakhand to Complete Your Trip


This is a pretty cantonment town founded by the British Viceroy and the town bears his name. If you love the peace and quiet amidst nature, then this is just the place to visit in Uttarakhand. You will love the bliss of solitude and amazing serenity. Lansdowne is one of the quietest hill stations in India.

If you visit the Gharwali museum, you will see the collection of arms, rifles, army uniforms, and also some rare photos of the past of Uttarakhand. You can enjoy a peaceful walk or you can simply explore the beauty of nature. You can also visit the forest trail to explore the wilderness.


The quaint and enchanting small valley of Pithorgarh is known as the Little Kashmir. It offers a serene atmosphere and is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. Embark on a fascinating journey while you experience the beautiful village life; get accustomed to the locals, their customs, and festivals. If you love trekking, the Pithorgharh is a nice location for you. You can explore the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand. There are a few important shrines and temples like Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple and Nakuleshwar Temple. You can visit them too.


For those who love to explore an offbeat destination, you can plan a trip to Bhimtal. This is also one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. It is less crowded. The hiss station is surrounded by the dense woods of oak, pine, and shrubs. Also, you can spend your mornings watching birds, take a boat ride at the Bhimtal Lake or explore the scenic surroundings. If you love adventure, then you can even trek to Garg Parvat, which is also the source of the river Gargi.

Jim Corbett National Forest

When you are seeking places to visit in Uttarakhand, you should visit the Jim Corbett National Park. This is the home to 480 species of flora and fauna. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will love this place. You will also see some endangered species like the Royal Bengal Tiger.

The magnificent park is divided into five zones covering an area of 500 sq. km including the lakes, streams, grasslands, hills, and marshy lands. The resorts in the park, as well as the jungle safari tours, will allow you to experience the wildlife closely.


Travelers who seek solitude from their hectic schedules will find Kanatal to be an ideal place. With the boasting apple orchards, verdant green woodlands, magnificent hills, and trees, this is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The charming hamlet with natural beauty is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand.

The best part is, Kanatal receives snowfall during the winter months. It offers a visual delight to those looking for adventure. This is a great place for trekking and camping amidst the scenic beauties. A very popular tourist attraction is the Surkanda Devi Temple and is located just 10 kilometers away. Also, for the nature lovers don’t forget to take a walk through the dense Kodia Jungle at 1 km away.


An offbeat location, Chopta is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers. With the mighty hills surrounding the place, this is a worthwhile location to visit in Uttarakhand. Especially if you visit the place during the December months, you will have a surreal feeling. Chopta is often visited by trekkers because this place has a peaceful vibe.


Call it a best-kept secret gem of Uttarakhand because this is lush-green hilly place feels extraordinary during the winter months. The place has got a relaxing vibe that takes you miles away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The tiny hamlet can offer a great camping experience while capturing the best sunsets and sunrises. Thus, Chaukori can be a great weekend getaway place, especially if you want to take few days off from your busy schedule.

These are the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. Sho, which of these places would you like to include in your travel itinerary for your trip to Uttarakhand? Let the travel experts at My Tirth India help you decide! Get in touch with us and experience a well-planned and amazing holiday with your friends and family.