Walking Through the Mesmerizing world of Hawa Mahal

India is a land of mesmerising wonders. The temples and palaces of India not only speak of a bygone era but also of the beautiful craftsmanship that India is always so famous for. The best part about tourism in India is that you can amalgamate both pilgrimage and sight-seeing together. You can avail the different pilgrimage tour packages in India and get the best of both worlds. Jaipur, for instance, is an amazing tourism destination. Dotted with different palaces and historical monuments, it is one of the most-visited places in India. Hawa Mahal in Jaipur in instance is one such place which can take you to the times of royalty. Walking through the premises you can actually smell the pages of history. Here’s what a tour of Hawa Mahal can reveal to you:

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The Mystical Tale of the Bleeding Goddess of Kamakhya

There is a lot of taboo in Indian society about menstruation. Menstruating women cannot enter any temple, perform pooja or touch the idol of God. And yet it is ironic that there is a temple in India that celebrates the menstruating Goddess Sati. The Kamakhya temple in Assam is a temple that you can visit as a part of All India pilgrimage Tour Packages and witness its brilliance. Here’s everything you wish to know about this amazing temple and its background:

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Places in Rajasthan That Are Unknown To The Tourism Community

Rajasthan- the abode of ancient and alluring traditions, will take you on a journey of ecstatic heritage and culture. While the most popular tourism spots are Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur, Rajasthan has much more to offer than these three cities. The majestic Mehrangarh, the royal Amber Fort and the calm Pichola lake are beautiful and deserve all the love they get. However, if you take yourself off the tourist radar, you will discover places that are unknown to many. These places are surreal and perfect if you want to escape from the monotonous tourist thing. You can discover these places yourself by booking all India pilgrimage tour packages and going there. Let us have a look at these places: 

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Explore Pilgrimages of India with exclusive packages of Mytirthindia

All India Pilgrimage Tour

Discover the supreme places of the wonderful country inherited with historic pilgrimages of different religions. India is one of the most beautiful and nature blessed country on the earth and is also renowned as the heart of holy and religious tourism.

In India, there exist different religions, cultures, traditions, and values, and that’s what makes India a most colorful and versatile country. Those who are planning for a wonderful vacation must have a look at the All India Pilgrimage Tour Packages as the pilgrimages in India are not only a spiritual place but also offers a great blend of natural beauty and spectacular sight-seeing spots. There are many reputed and well-known tour and travel companies who design well-planned Tour Packages for Pilgrimages of India to let the travelers experience the most hassle-free and eased out traveling experience.

One such tour and travel company is MytirthIndia who is exclusively dealing in packages for Indian Pilgrimages and has come up with the most cost-effective and flexible packages to suit the needs and preferences of people of all age groups.

In fact, this company is only dealing with Pilgrimage Packages that can even counsel you with the most beneficial package available and guide you step by step for the entire journey.

 There are lots of places of worship in India such as temples, gurudwaras, churches, mosques, etc. Mytirthindia is the tour and travel company which can offer you package for any pilgrimage throughout  India. Thousands of lakhs of people visit these pilgrimages every year to pay their homage. Keeping that in mind the tour and travel companies have to design the packages after deep research to ensure the comfort of travelers. 

 Visiting these pilgrimage sites of India is beyond doubt a heavenly experience but seeing the number of devotees coming on a daily basis, it becomes imperative for the travelers to arrange their trip to these places with a proper plan. To get the travel planned by expert travel planners, people are hiring tour and travel companies these days and get all the bookings are done for the entire trip in just a phone call or through online booking.

All the information related to Pilgrimage Tour Packages in India is available on tour and travel companies’ websites with all necessary specifications and budgets. These packages are customizable and the travelers can include the things of their preference or exclude what is not required.

The pilgrimage packages include various destinations of the vast country India. For example- if you are planning to visit gurudwaras, there will be different packages available covering some particular gurudwaras to all the major gurudwaras in India.

With these tour packages, it has become easy for busy persons to plan for an expedition. They just have to pick the pilgrimage destinations as per their religious preferences and the rest of the things the professional team of Tour and Travel Company will handle it. With these wonderful packages, plan your trip now with Mytirthindia to enjoy an amazing travel experience and witness the delightful places filled with positivity.