Get Maha Mrityunjaya and Kal Sarpa Puja Done Online By MTI

Online puja service

The entire world is suffering through a very hard time now. With the chaos of the pandemic everywhere, reaching out and playing to the Almighty is our only way of relief. This year has not been so great so far and hence we want a miracle to happen. Only the supreme power can do such a miracle which will make things normal again. But, with the lockdown, our plans to visit the temple or conduct a puja has been put on hold. Being unable to visit religious places has left people looking for other options. With the majority of the world living online, companies have started offering online puja services as well. You can now complete your rites and puja online by availing the online puja services of MTI.

Previously, people were not so serious about online puja services. But, according to reports all over the internet, the online puja service has experienced a huge surge in this lockdown. This rate is as high as 40% and the one puja that people wanted to do was the Kaal Sarp dosh puja and maha mrityunjaya puja online. The whole world is turning digital and so are religious matters. A priest/priests will perform the puja from their respective places and the clients will be able to see it through video calls. As the situation is gruesome, people want to get rid of all the sins and make sure they win over death in this fight. That is why these two pujas have been the highest in demand.

MTI or My Tirth India- India’s first pilgrimage and darshan site now offer you the option to do online puja where you can book the priest directly through the website. The four puja services they are offering are Kaal Sarp dosh puja, maha mrityunjaya puja, tripindi, pitri dosha. Let us know more about them.

MTI’S Online Puja Services:


One of the most powerful and popular mantras in Hinduism is the maha mrityunjaya mantra. It helps in removing all sins from your life as well as conquer death. There are many forms and names of this mantra. Some call it Rudra Mantra, some call it tryambakam mantra and so on. Maha Mrityunjaya Puja is also the worship of Lord Shiva. The online services also help you do the Mahamrityunjay Jaap.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja:

When one performs a puja to remove the notorious effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh from your kindly, then that puja is the Kaal Sarp dosh puja. Kaal Sarp is a condition which happens when all the seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu. This yog is one of the most harmful yogs of all time and can cause endless pain for an individual. However, with this puja, it will help remove this dosha. They also help you do the Rahu mantra jap and Ketu Mantra Jaap.


The Pinddaan of our ancestors/forefathers of the past three generations is Tripindi. There is a popular belief which says that if someone from the previous three generations in the family suffered an early death, then their spirits can cause a lot of obstacles for us. That is why we need to do the Tripindi Shraddha.

Pitra Dosha:

Pitra dosha is also known as Pitra dosha and Pitra Dosh. A person is affected by the Pitra Dosha if he is born under the ninth house where Sun and Rahu combine. This house is also the house of father and Pitra. It is a very crucial aspect of Indian astrology and considered a bad omen. Pitru dosh causes all kinds of problems for the person whose reasons are very hard to understand.

These are some of the online puja services the My Tirth India provides. Apart from darshan and yatra, MTI is doing a fantastic job in catering to the needs of the people. Check out their website for more information.